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Frugal options for do-it-yourself decorating

Do-it-yourself projects will always cost less than hiring a contractor, but some decorating projects don't cost anything at all.

If you approach a decorating project with a budget of zero, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can work with and where you can find it.

Start in Australia
That's the home of RecyclingNearYou, an environment-friendly collection of ideas for reusing and repurposing almost anything. For example, instead of buying coasters to protect a table, consider what fun you can have gluing two old CDs together to create a truly unique coaster. Or, collect your old wine corks and store them in a mason jar. Not only do you have an intriguing decorative accent, but you also have a stamp to use when painting. If you glue the corks to a plank of wood, you'll also have a most unusual corkboard for hanging in your kitchen or home office.

Come the holidays, you really don't need to buy a tree when you can simply gather branches and make your own. Simply arrange them in a tall vase or large pot and start decorating.

Real Simple, real frugal
Real Simple magazine offered an array of no-cost ideas for working with what you already have to craft a new look. For example, begin with a basic headboard and hang a splashy q
uilt over it. Now you have color, character and a quilt that will keep you warm.

Another Real Simple idea is really quite fun: Take your old bracelets - and this works with a little girl's bracelets as well - and turn them into napkin rings. It's easy and free, yet it manages to add whimsy and personality to any dining area.

You can also paint the legs - just the legs - of a battered old chair. You now have a side table for holding magazines that camouflage a worn-out seat beautifully.

Woman's Day magazine also uncovered some unique ways to use items already in your home - or, more likely, in your storage area. Take the immense platter you use only at Thanksgiving and give it a new home on your living room wall, or take your ice bucket to the guest bath to cradle guest towels.

Little purchases for giant impact
Don't overlook the power of details, and craft shops can be your ally for selecting ribbons, buttons and yarn that you can use ever so creatively.

Decorative switch plates and plug covers can also add a spark of genius at a relatively low cost, especially if you choose a theme like music and dance or gems and jewels.

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