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Encourage imagination in the playroom

You may have dominance over most of the house, but the playroom is a space that's primarily for the kids. It's where they go to exercise their imagination and have fun, so every design element should reflect that.

If the space is largely undecorated, now's the time to get started. It may be tempting to do this on your own, but if your kids are old enough to participate, include them in the project. It'll be a great way to bond and learn more about their interests and insight. Chances are, they have a different perception of design than you, and their thoughts can be refreshing.

Brighten it up
Needless to say, kids love bright colors. These don't only attract their attention, but they can be sources of inspiration for their imaginative play. Though their toys may bring these hues into the room, you shouldn't overlook the opportunity to feature them on the walls or floors . This can truly establish the area as one that belongs to the kids.

No part of the room should be mundane, so start with a fixture that may often be overlooked - the switch plate. There are handmade ones with whimsical figures that kids will love. Alternatively, give the chosen color palette a boost with colored 3-D metal covers that they'll love looking at and showing off to friends. Draw from these fun and original designs and use them in other pieces of decor.

Keep the walls interesting
It's no secret that your kids' playroom is full of toys and various storage containers. Why keep everything on the floor if there's wall space that you can take advantage of? Pottery Barn Kids suggested using these surfaces to further encourage imagination with shapes and colors and give the little ones a place where they can proudly display their arts and crafts. 

You can repaint the walls a more exciting color, especially if it's a flat white. Alternatively, speak to your kids about incorporating a pattern. If you're feeling really ambitious, consider a mural. Either way, you can bet that your beautiful switch plate will be one of the focal decor pieces of the overall room design. Work with your kids to figure out the ideal cover that'll drive their imaginative play and keep all the rooms in your house looking perfect.

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