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Embrace your kids' independence by letting them design their rooms

It was bound to happen at some point - your kids are growing up and all that hard work you put into designing their nursery seems like it was all for nothing now that they're asking to redecorate the space. 

Rather than take it personally, view it as an opportunity to embrace your kids' increasing sense of independence. Personalizing their rooms is one of the biggest steps in growing up, so allow them to exercise their creativity. 

Lend a helping hand
Show your support by offering to help out. Though your kids may be hesitant at first, tell them to consider the fact that you designed all the other rooms in the home. Let them know that you're not looking to take over the project, but simply want to provide some advice for starters and the different directions that their ideas can go in. You're giving them more options, not limiting them.

After all, your kids are most likely going to need your assistance in getting to the local hardware store to look for paint. Walk them through the process of selecting a color for the walls, from selecting swatches to bringing them home and seeing how they look in the daylight and at night. Some retailers may even allow you to take some samples to try out at home. 

Consider new hardware
What better way to let your kids exhibit their creativity than by letting them decide on the details of the room, such as the hardware? See if they want to change the doorknobs or switch plates and outlet covers. These small details can really make the room unique, and you can rest assured knowing that they'll love showing them off to their friends. These are often overlooked in other homes, so your kids will be more than happy to customize the ones in their rooms.

Regardless of what their interests are, there are decorative switch plates that'll fit the bill. From steam punk designs to glow-in-the-dark switch plates, the problem won't be finding the right models, it'll be deciding on a single one!

Luckily, they can explore other designs on the outlet covers. These small items may not seem like much, but they're frequently used and therefore shouldn't be overlooked. Your kids will smile every time they turn the lights on or off or charge a device.

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