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Designing a divine sun porch before summer

Oh, the sun porch. In the summer it can be the best room in the house, combining the natural scenery and breezy cool of the outdoors with the comforts of home furnishing. Bring some spark and personality to your sun porch and make it the perfect place to drink cocktails, spot fireflies or just laze about in the summer months. 

Design a sun room that reflects your location - or where you wish you were                                                    
Just because you live in an area that is far from the salty coast doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the perks of beachfront living in your home. Switch Hits' collection of Sandy Beach decorative outlet covers are the perfect starting point around which you can install the rest of your decor. Painted with a sandy beach, blue sky and even a little sand castle looking at these will make you and your guests wish you were on a skiff in the Chesapeake Bay. 

Country Living magazine offers some tips on how to bring the genteel touch of a Martha's Vineyard beach house to your humble abode. Walls slathered in a fresh coat of white paint will further illuminate a room that'll already be bathed in natural light during the day. Depending on just how nautical you want to take this theme, model ships along with the steering wheel of a ship can be found at furniture and antique stores. If the sun porch is at the front of your house, dig a small path and fill it with seashells to give it that "just walking home from the beach" feel. Conch shells and sea glass on the window sills will add the perfect finishing touches to your faux vacation home. 

Go for something a little different                                                                             
If you want the type of space that will have all of your guests asking "where'd you get that?" try Switch Hits' classic pewter outlet covers. The natural light will bounce off of them beautifully during the day and at night the lamp light will dance on them as well, making them pop right off the wall - figuratively speaking. Another collection from Switch Hits that will stand out in any home is the steam punk collection. Steampunk is a style that combines elements of Victorian fashion with images from the Industrial Revolution for a look that is both elegant and edgy. Big How has some tips to get you started decorating your steampunk sun room. 

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