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Decorating tips for your new home

For first-time homeowners or recent vacation home buyers, decorating a new residence can be a big project. It's a time when everything about your previous style can be let go, or you can add to a theme you feel you've almost developed a mastery of. Whatever route you choose to go, you have a fresh start. The possibilities are endless. Before you jump right into it, follow a few of these tips so you don't commit any interior design mistakes.

Moving out and moving on
Leave the past in the past! You're about to go into a new space, which means new decorations are in order. Does that mean you have to buy all new furniture and knickknacks? Well, no. But you should be focusing on building something new. A new home means turning over a new leaf. Use the opportunity to create something different. What's the point of moving if you're bringing your old home with you? Now, this doesn't mean changing every little thing. Feel free to keep the same theme if you really like it, but try changing the layout and adding something new. Remember, if your new home looks surprisingly similar to your old one, you're missing out on a life-changing experience.

Decorate on a budget
Cost effectiveness is key to decorating a new home, no matter your budget. You have bathrooms, bedrooms, studies, living rooms, kitchens, tens of outlet covers and a dozen other spaces to think about. All the money you spend in one place is taken away from another, so budget accordingly. Laura McDonald from the American Society of Interior Designers wrote on HGTV's website that a great way to keep your spending in order is to wait to buy everything.

"Don't buy everything all at once," McDonald wrote. "Live in your new house for at least two months before you make any significant purchases. How you think you're going to use the house and how you actually live in the house are commonly two different things."

Do you yearn for that full living room set at the furniture store? Wait on it a bit. Are those matching plug and decorative switch plates calling your name? Hang back for a minute. Those products will be there waiting for you, but your feelings may change significantly. The best way to refrain from those wasted expenses is to hold off and reevaluate how you feel down the road.

Don't let the store decide your decor
Your new space is an expression of yourself. Those furniture and department stores may sing the praises of matching bed sets and kitchenware, but don't buy into it. You want your new space to look unique, and the worst way to do that is to let a store decide your design for you. Don't be afraid to go against the grain and mix up styles and colors.  Why not try something new with the small investment of a slate switch plate in your study and a sports switch plate in your man cave?  As long as it fits within a general theme and color palette, you're on your way to decorating success.

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