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Decorating tips for bathrooms of all sizes

If you've recently purchased some new plug covers or switch plates, you're probably trying to think of the best room to put them in. While the living room or bedroom may seem like obvious options, you shouldn't forget about the bathroom. All too often, people neglect to spend as much time and effort on decorating their bathroom as they do the rest of their home, forgetting that it's one of the rooms that most guests are likely to visit. 

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, there are many simple ways to improve its aesthetic. 

Transform a large bathroom
Southern Living magazine explained that a large bathroom should have lots of light in it. This means that not only do you want to make sure that there are plenty of lights installed and that you pair them with the best decorative switch plates, but you also need to have windows. Windows placed high up in a bathroom will allow there to be a lot of natural light, without compromising the privacy that is needed in the bathroom. 

Furthermore, if you have a lot of space to fill in a bathroom, don't just fill it with generic things such as mirrors or pictures of flowers. Instead, include some items that represent your community. The bathroom is a great place to show some character, so if you live in a costal town, you may want to have jars of local beach rocks. If you live in an area near a major sports arena, decorate your bathroom with items that represent the local team. 

Decorating a small bathroom
If you have a smaller bathroom, Better Homes and Gardens magazine has a few great ways to spruce it up. For example, if you install a wall-mounted sink, then you'll not only have more floor space but also something unique that surprises your guests. 

This Old House magazine explained that lighting is key in a small bathroom. To make the space appear larger, you should consider installing task and ambient lighting throughout places such as over the shower or bath and around the vanity. 

Of course, no matter what size bathroom you have, the easiest way you can change its look is by getting some new switch plates or outlet covers

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