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Decorating tips for a mini makeover at a paltry price

While some remodeling projects can be costly, decorating can be strictly do-it-yourself if you're on a budget.

Sure, new flooring or roofing or remodeling entire rooms can be expensive, but you can often give your home a mini makeover at a price ranging from low to free. The key is to use little things to make a big impact. For example, unexpected touches like three-dimensional switch plates or decorative plug covers give style in an otherwise ordinary spot.

You're limited only by your own creativity, but following are some bright ideas that can help you start brainstorming on your own. Real Simple magazine offered an adorable and versatile idea for using cubbies, in various heights and facing front, to make side tables for displays and lighting. Inside the cubbies, the sky's the limit: Try bowls of fruit or holiday ornaments, sculptures or bits of history - anything that expresses your personality and makes you feel good.

Begin at home
Eclectic is always in style, and decorating in that vein lets you group any number of items in any way you like. Better Homes and Gardens magazine advised starting with what you have - a truly economical approach. Comb your cellar, attic or storage space for heirlooms and curiosities that add some spice to a shelf or table top, or scour the flea markets for antique toys or vintage fabrics.The secret is to use just a few of these keepsakes to minimize clutter and accentuate charm.

Use this, not that
House Beautiful magazine detailed its own array of low-cost decorating tips, such as replacing your bathmat with a real rug, your coffee table with a tray-topped ottoman and your empty corner with a potted tree. As for lighting, layered is better and four lamps trump two, since you need ambient light for mood and direct light for reading. According to House Beautiful, you should love your closets. Paint them, paper them and hang pictures in them. And definitely light them.

Look locally
Country Living magazine highlighted a wall's worth of wildflowers, pressed by a local artist, in the center hall of an antebellum Georgia house. Below the wildflowers, a salvaged church pew strewn with pillows sewn from turn-of-the-century grain sacks showed a most charming expression of local history.

Why not try hunting for collectibles in your town? Half the fun is finding little under-appreciated gems, and you can have a great time exploring local shops, craft shows and yard sales. And don't neglect online sites like and, where one person's trash can be another person's treasure.

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