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Decorate a small apartment like a pro

Sprucing up a small living space can be difficult and frustrating. Furniture is often too large. Appliances are cramped together and hard to move. The space's size can be unsettling at times, and making the rooms look well laid-out and neat can be challenging.

There are plenty of tips decorators can capitalize on to make the best use of their space and open up a room that's on the smaller side . Here are just a few to help turn that little apartment into a big hit.

Lighting can work wonders
Whether you're renting or living in an apartment long term, you're not stuck with the lights built into your apartment. Adding lamps and wall-mounted sconces that don't need hardwiring can make any room more welcoming. According to designer Ron Marvin from "Small Space, Big Style," lights are the perfect tool for making smaller areas more inviting and livable. Try softening the light by adding shades to any open bulbs. Make the shades or lamps match the switch plates for a truly comprehensive look. 

Pick the right furniture
Many homeowners get into the habit of decorating for guests, but what's the point of that when you're the one roaming your apartment every day? Decorate for yourself first and foremost. That means buying furniture that's important to you. Don't waste space with a desk if you rarely use one outside of work, and don't sacrifice an area for a dining room table where a dining nook can accomplish the same effect. Here are a few other tips for picking the right furniture:

  • Translucent chairs and glass tabletops can do wonders to open up a space
  • Try and match the proportions of your apartment (oversized furniture actually makes rooms seem smaller)
  • Functionality is more important than decorative yet cumbersome features
  • Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested imagining your apartment as an empty canvas before placing any furniture
  • Drawing up a floor plan and measuring furniture can save a great amount of time and effort. 

Use wall space effectively
Floating shelves, mirrors and mounted televisions all serve to give you more space to roam, more places for storage and more peace of mind. Don't clutter your walls, but try to utilize empty wall space as much as possible. Mirrors open up the environment and make rooms seem more spacious. A matching mirrored switch plate can help open the area, too. Floating shelves are compact, sleek and perfect for stacking. Plus, they offer valuable space for knickknacks and other items. Mounted televisions have the dual advantage of clearing tabletop space and turning the vacant walls into centerpieces.

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