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Creating a fairytale bedroom for your little princess

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place to escape the stresses of the day and to regroup before you have to go out and do it all over again the next day. Kids need their own space just as much as adults, and if you have girl at home who can't get enough of princesses and fairytales, as well as all the mystical creatures that come with them, design a bedroom for her that will make her feel as if she were dropped in the middle of her own tale of adventure and magic. 

Setting the right tone
An amazing paint job can go a long way toward giving the room the look and feel of a magic wonderland, and evoking emotions in the room's occupant that send her imagination running wild. Murals are a perfect way to achieve this effect. How Stuff Works suggests having an enchanted forest painted on the wall of your little lady's room as it's a common theme in fairytales. Castles with tall towers and dungeons, sprawling mountain ranges and fields full of wildflowers will bring the room to life. Throw in some mischievous gnomes and elves peeking out from behind the trees too! 

Switch Hits' collection of Wooden Animal outlet covers are the perfect addition to any enchanted forest. Let the little one choose from foxes, wolves, frogs, squirrels and much more. She's sure to find  a creature she can happily live with among these choices. 

Furnishing fits for a queen
Once you've figured out the dominating theme for the room, choose furniture that will add to the room's mood. Home Guides points out that canopy beds are a constant presence in movies about princesses and other females of enchanted folklore. The source suggest a tulle canopy to add a whimsical touch to the room. White furniture with gold accents are a nice touch, and wooden chairs or tables in the shape of tree stumps will bring it back around to the enchanted forest theme. 

Deck the windows out with velvet drapes that your daughter can peer through to keep watch on her kingdom. If velvet is too heavy, try sheer drapes that will allow more light in and give room a more airy ambiance. A mirror is a must-have, and the more elaborate the accents, the better. A gold frame decked out in flowers and garland will add a dramatic touch that will fuel her imagination. Switch Hits' hand crafted pewter decorative outlet covers may seem a bit mature for a young girl, but they'll add an exquisitely regal touch that she's sure to love. 

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