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Create the perfect home art studio

Every artist needs a space in which he or she can think, work and, above all, create art. Turning one of your rooms into a home art studio can help you maintain focus on your work and provide you with a separate space in which you can sit and wait while inspiration washes over you before spilling onto your canvas. 

A room with a view                          
Your art studio is your fortress of solitude where you meditate on your next project and grow as an artist, so make the space fit your needs. Digs Digs suggested choosing a room with large windows to allow an ample amount of natural light in. Electric lighting is important too for when the days grow shorter or you're working late into the night. Switch Hits' whimsical and fun category has over 100 options to choose from, which gives you plenty of room to find the funk you're looking for. Each of these decorative switch plates has a surreal edge to it, from the fire-breathing dragon to the eccentric interpretation of a sumo wrestler. When friends ask where these outlet covers came from, you'll wish you could say they were your creations! 

Make it your own                              
The Lubbock-Avalanche Journal noted that one of the important things to remember when designing your studio is that it needs a blend of utilitarian and imagination-enriching decor. Mason jars are inexpensive and make great containers for art supplies. You don't need to spend any extra money purchasing jars either. Go fishing in your recycling bin and see what sort of trash you can turn into treasure. Deck out your jar - or whatever you find - with paint or maybe even a collage. See-through jars certainly have their advantages, allowing you to see exactly where your materials are and how much you have left. Shelves are another great place for storage and a perfect space to show off your creativity. Paint them however you'd like and let you personality shine through. 

Digs Digs also suggested painting the walls white so your work will pop in contrast, allowing you to really pick apart the details and make the masterpiece you were born to make. If you'd like decorative outlet covers that will complement your decor without competing with your art, subdued designs like Mother of pearl or Antigua champagne should do the trick. 

Whether you're looking to create a colorful creative abstract space or a blank slate of a room, Switch Hits has plenty of decorative outlet covers to help you pull it together.                                              


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