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Cottages can be chic, too

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It's often assumed that your cottage getaway, whether it's in the woods of Maine or the beaches of California, has to be rustic and traditional. While that classic look is fitting for many cottages, you can revitalize your space with chic new color schemes and a modern decor that will make your home away from home feel more current.

New trends in decorating your cottage
While cottages have often been designed with certain themes  - like homespun curtains and matching throw pillows that harken back to the days of old - new styles can come in and taken over. Mix and Chic noted that newer trends are more focused on soft colors, feminine flair and furniture that's more vintage and antique. 

One idea is to use furniture that looks like it may belong in a 1950s home rather than a pioneer's log cabin. Try using the low levels and dual-layered designs of furniture that were popular in the mid-twentieth century to give your cabin a new look. By giving these items a fresh coat of paint, you can totally change the look of your space. Try using light yellow or blue against a white backdrop to create an effortless vibe to encourage relaxation. 

These vintage furniture items can look just right alongside other items that showcase the same era. Consider using chrome switch plates since the material was so popular in the 1950s. Since the switch plates are small, the gleam of the chrome won't overwhelm your newly redesigned space. 

Make your small space as cozy as possible
One of the main ideas of a cottage is that it's a small and intimate setting. By embracing the smaller size of your cottage living room, you can make for an environment that will foster conversation and spending time together that many larger dwellings can't.

Southern living magazine suggested packing your cottage's living room with color, whether it's a rug on the floor, drapes on the windows or switch plates on the wall. Choosing one color theme, like light blue, can make sure that everything matches while still providing enough leeway to use unique items, like a mid-century coffee table in the center of your room. Once again, you can use a switch plate that is pure chrome to reflect more color back in the room, or one that's bursting with energy to help the room feel more alive.

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