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Copper: Your new best friend in interior design

When it comes to metallic colors, silver and gold tend to reign supreme. Just ask anyone to name you a metal or two, and those are most likely the first ones they'll think of. But there are several other metals that often get forgotten, like tin, copper and bronze. If you want to break free of the silver and gold mold, the warm shade of copper might be just the thing. It's bold, interesting and can act as a neutral with a variety of colors. Here's how you can make copper your new best friend in your decor.

Go big in the kitchen
The kitchen is a great place to start your redesign with copper. A variety of kitchen supplies can be found in this metal, including pots, pans, tea kettles and platters. Make sure these items are on display by taking advantage of shelves, wall space and glass-fronted cabinets. You can add other accents of your own, like a copper switchplate, sculpture or even copper-hued dish towels or wall paint.

Add warmth to modern spaces
If you love modern design, you probably have a lot of sleek elements and neutral color schemes in your home. Black and white decor is a popular choice, but it can feel a little stark without the addition of an accent color to add intrigue. Copper is a great choice as an accent in neutral spaces because it can warm up the feel of the room and break up the monotony. A copper-colored accent wall, sofa or area rug can make a space glow. Add decorative switch plates made of copper and choose unexpected fixtures like lamps, too.

Give character to a bathroom
Modern bathroom design can be a bit boring if you don't take a few steps to give them character. One way to do this without breaking a sweat is by implementing copper accent pieces. There's nothing better than a copper soaking tub in a bathroom, which looks luxurious and gives the room an antique feel. Copper fixtures are also good options for the lights, sink and bath or shower. Even copper toothbrush holders and soap dispensers are surprising and elegant.

Be dramatic in a hallway
If you want to really make your home stand out, use copper in a big way. A hallway painted a warm shade of copper will look glamorous paired with black accessories and other warm-colored accents, like yellow, red and orange. It may be bold, but it'll really impress your guests.

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