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Concepts for creating and decorating a small home office

It can be a space next to a fireplace or between two windows: Creating a small home office is all about where you find the space and what you put into it.

Dismiss the notion that a small but organized home office demands a room - or even a wide open space - of its own. HGTV itemized a number of workplace-suitable areas, including the "dead" space under the stairs. The space may be tiny, but by adding a corkboard backdrop and floating shelf for your laptop, you can use every inch of it. Apartment-dwellers frequently have dead space next to the entry. Instead of filling it with an umbrella stand, HGTV proposed using it for a tiny, minimalist private office.

Room with a view
Nowhere is it written that the home worker can't have the finest view. If your bedroom is the only place to put your office, try a vintage desk under a large window. Not only does the view refresh your mind, it also refreshes your eyes: Many ophthalmologists suggest alternating close work on your computer with a few minutes of staring into the distance every hour.

Real Simple magazine found a unique way to create an office that can appear and disappear at will. Use a white plastic drop-down desk, and get wonderful cubbies and storage compartments when it's open and a nonintrusive piece of furniture when it's closed.

Shelve it all
Another of Real Simple's suggestions was to build an office entirely of sturdy shelves that can handle everything you send their way, from files and laptops to a vase of fresh flowers. By eliminating the need for a desk, you free up space and let the area blend into any room from which you've carved it.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine gave the shelving plan another look and recommended that you add shelves above the desk and file cabinets below for all-in-one functionality.

Integrating two areas
When your office is part of another room, which is often the case, the best approach is to look at the small, inexpensive additions that will make the unified area cozy and livable.

First, consider the paint. Just as a folding screen separates areas in a multi-use space, a consistent color of paint unifies the areas. Use similar lighting, whether track lighting or wall lighting, and try out some unique switch plates and decorative plug outlet covers in a theme that works well in both functional areas.

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