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Choose beauteous bamboo for a brilliant home

Bamboo for youBamboo for you

Strong, cheap and yet still good-looking, bamboo seems to have everything going for it. This material is becoming more popular domestically as well as overseas, and its versatility is making it an up-and-coming choice for anyone looking to add a new flavor of decor in his or her home. Here are a few tips to get this material in your spaces.

Go all out with bamboo
Bamboo is such an affordable material that it's easy to deck out an entire room. From floors, to walls, to furniture, just about anything you're looking for can be found in bamboo, but the low price and high quality aren't the only reasons to use this plant. Martha Stewart Living magazine noted that bamboo is a perfect neutral all on its own. The warm glow that emanates from bamboo makes a great backdrop for any color family that you want to introduce.

Since modern technology has been working with this miraculous plant for decades, there are all sorts of ways to use it. Whether it's flooring that requires little maintenance or even textiles that you'd never guess were made of bamboo save for the earthy glow, you can rest assured knowing that there are more than enough options for your home.

Use small touches to create a natural vibe
If you don't want to completely redesign your home around this material, there are still plenty of ways to use it. There's a plethora of Asian-themed artwork made of this material that follows an artistic tradition thousands of years old, or you can go with more modern uses of this plant. Try a brilliantly hand-painted bamboo switch plate in any color you like - there's just enough transparency in the lacquer to show the gorgeous bamboo underneath. 

To give your living or dining room an exotic feel, try hanging some bamboo blinds, suggested Home New Design. The light will be softened marvelously as it comes through the shades, and you can add a few decorations around them to bring out that signature, natural tone. Try hanging a few switch plates in the room or putting a few decorations on the mantelpiece. You can even find vases and other centerpieces made of bamboo to go on your table - the possibilities are nearly endless!

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