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Brighten up a room with a glass bottle lamp

Lighting is a key element of any room's design, but it's not all about the type of lighting or the bulbs you use - the lamps are important features too. There are dozens of designs, styles and types of lamps that range from bulky and decorative to sleek and sophisticated, and it's often hard picking the best one for a room.

One of the styles gaining popularity in do-it-yourself and interior decorating is the glass bottle lamp, perfect for end tables, changing themes and saving money. The glass bottle lamp is exactly how it sounds. It's a bulb socket fashioned to the spout of an empty see-through bottle. Check out The Inspired Room for an easy blog post about how to make these crafty little fixtures. 

Unmatched versatility
The brilliance of the glass bottle lamp is how versatile the glass container makes it. The glass bottle lamp can fit into any theme in any room by changing what's inside the glass container. Over the holidays, fill it with ornaments or a little branch of pine. Try dried leaves in the fall, or put wildflowers or ferns in during the spring. The options are limitless, and decorating is a cinch as long as you buy a bottle with a wide enough spout. The best part is that it gives you an outlet for some creative genius on a regular basis. The glass bottle lamp can fit anywhere with a little creativity. For a real expert touch, make the light's switch plate match the interior of the bottle. Fill a bottle with seashells and use a switch plate with a beach theme. The attention to detail is sure to wow your guests.

Decorating on a dime
The glass bottle lamp is a perfect mixture of cost efficiency and sophistication. The total cost is as cheap as the materials you get at the hardware store, and the quality is matched by how much time and effort you put into the project. Plus, changing bottle themes is terrifically inexpensive compared to buying a whole new set of lamps to match a room. Classy, reusable, creative and a design that you can afford for pennies on the dollar, glass bottle lamps cover all your bases. 

And, if your creativity is ever stifled, try looking through It's a whole website dedicated to the usefulness and charm of the bottle lamp.

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