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Arrange your accessories for maximum appeal

Arrange your accessoriesArrange your accessories

While it can be easy to pick out just the right accessories for your home, arranging them in the perfect way can be trying. With so many types of accessories, all the way from decorative bookends to switch plates, you may be at a loss as to how to set them up for the best look. Here are a few tips to get you started.

On the table
Coffee tables are often great places to put a few decorative items. You can easily use decorations, books and other pieces to make for a more engaging space. The Enchanted Home blog suggested using coffee table books for low surfaces in your home. These look stellar, can function as paperweights and can keep your guests entertained. These come in so many subjects that you can easily find one that will interest you and your guests. 

However, a coffee table book alone likely won't be enough. Try also using a potted orchid or other plant or even a few framed pictures of friends and family. The potted plant can complement the square shape of the coffee table book, while framed pictures will complete the look.

Make art and accessories work together
When it comes to your walls, you want everything to work together. Try organizing things in groups according to location, color and shape. If you have several items in one corner, try adding a small table with a vase or other item to add more to the design. Then, make sure they're all in the same color family and even of the same material. Using ceramic switch plates, vases and picture frames together can look stunning, and this material can be painted in so many colors and cast in enough shapes that you'll be able to find the perfect match.

Use unexpected items to give your decor a boost
Better Homes and Gardens magazine noted that raising your decor items off their surface can look wonderful in many homes. Try using old and decorative volumes of books - ones with leather bindings or of a series can often look good. Try using that old set of encyclopedias that's been lying around to elevate your decor to a whole new level. With this option comes a plethora of choices about color, shape and design that leave you with lots of choices. 

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