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5 quick, simple ways to add style to your home

You don't have to have a degree in interior design to create a fashionable home. While you might not be an expert at mixing prints, colors and textures in your decor, that doesn't mean you have to settle for boring spaces that lack personality. You don't have to spend a lot of time or money designing your home, either. Try these five quick and easy ways to add style to your home without the stress involved with major projects.

1. Change your switch plates
They may be small compared to other accent pieces in your home, but switch plates can make a big impact on any room's vibe. Instead of the cheap plastic covers your house probably came with, go with decorative switch plates and outlet covers that can add color and style to your design. From fancy metal options to colorful, playful choices, you'll find a switch plate that matches your vision.

2. Add a headboard to your bed
Beds with lackluster or missing headboards aren't doing your bedroom any favors. Add some interest to your sleep area by creating a headboard yourself out of items you might already have. Real Simple magazine suggested draping a colorful quilt over your plain headboard for a simple upgrade, or try making your own headboard out of found wood, a shelving unit or even a square of paint.

3. Undo a little balance
People tend to decorate in pairs, but odd numbers that aren't balanced are more visually exciting. House Beautiful magazine recommended taking a few pairs away if your design uses several different ones. This could mean putting a lamp, sconce or side table in the attic for a while.

4. Slap on some paint
Anything can be radically transformed by a simple coat of paint. Whether it's an entire room, your kitchen cabinets, the beat-up hardwood floor or a thrift store shelf, a fresh paint job can update it to match any design you're going for. If something looks old or worn, a new coat of paint might be all it needs.

5. Use a slipcover
If any of your furniture has seen better days or you're just itching for a shot of revamped style, slipcovers are the answer. Find a color or print that works with your space, then place them on your sofas, armchairs or even dining room chairs for a fresh take.

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