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3 ways to bring color to your kitchen

Stainless-steel appliances may have been all the rage years ago, but colorful, vintage-style kitchens are making a comeback. Don't miss out on the fun that this trend offers. Get started on a kitchen redesign!

The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in a home. It's where everybody gathers to cook and, perhaps, eat. It's a space that household residents and visitors often see, so it's not the place where you should let your design skills slack off.

Opt for color
Monochromatic kitchens used to be popular because they allowed homeowners to show off their stainless-steel appliances. You can still proudly display these fixtures while adding pops of color. In fact, with the right layout, you can draw attention to specific items in your kitchen. Chances are, you completed your kitchen setup a long time ago, but now's the perfect time to change it up and impress everyone with your interior design know-how. Select a color palette with two or more colors to give yourself some variety.

Here are three areas of the kitchen where you can quickly and effectively display some color.

  1. Wall switch plateIf you still have the switch plates and outlet covers that originally came with the home, you're missing out on a great opportunity to bring color into the room. Collections such as "Colored Glass" or "Colors in Motion" will pair best with white or similarly light walls. However, if your walls are already brightly painted, opt for more neutral outlet covers such as textured brass or hardwoods. 
  2. Window curtains: Many people wish they had natural lighting in the kitchen, so if you're lucky enough to have windows in this space, take full advantage of them. Whether you have neutral-colored shades or are lacking them, this is a great place to feature color. Find some that complement your palette and opt for lighter fabrics that'll allow you and other residents to enjoy a fresh breeze.
  3. Get small, colorful appliances: If you're not ready to invest in a new stove or fridge, you can still feature colorful appliances. Go for smaller ones such as the toaster or coffee maker. It's a quick way to bring color onto your counter. Alternatively, you can simply purchase a large fruit bowl or new cooking utensils in the appropriate colors.

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