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3 tips for redesigning your kitchen in green


Many people opt for a white kitchen, but going for a different color can make your cooking space totally unique. Using one or more of the many shades of green, along with complementary colors, can create an unforgettable space where it will be more of a pleasure to cook and hang out with family and friends than in any ordinary kitchen. Here are three tips to help get you started.

1. Go for a two-toned theme
Using a light and a dark shade of green together can make your kitchen feel more lush and alive than a more typical white. Try using a foamy, washed-out green on the cabinets while choosing a darker shade for the wall behind them. This will create the illusion of a space that feels deeper and more whole than a monochromatic design, noted Country Living magazine. You can add to this feel by using various decorations that have accents of blue and brown alongside green to help them blend in, like switch plates or picture frames. 

2. Go for the most appealing greens
There are hundreds of shades of green out there, but you'll want to make sure you choose one that will look right in the kitchen. Using a green that's too dark may make this room feel imposing, so try using a shade that's a bit lighter. One idea is looking for inspiration in colors that you might find in foods you cook. House Beautiful magazine suggested using pea or mint green, since these colors are easy on the eyes and will make your home feel brighter. If used as part of a checkered pattern, you can add to the light feel of one of these lighter greens. 

3. Use a single green wall
For many homes, using an entire wall as a color accent can work to balance out a room like the kitchen. Painting one wall a solid shade of green can help to draw your eye there. For this accented wall, feel free to use only one or two big and bold items, like antique wood pieces or a sprawling, framed artwork, to balance out the color. You can use the other walls in the room to add accents to support the wall by hanging switch plates and small artworks that share the same color. This will help bring the entire room together. 

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