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10 elements of an Art Deco-inspired bathroom

Does your bathroom need a fresh design? If your fixtures are dated and you're looking for an interesting way to add life to your space, Art Deco design might be the answer. This style originated in the period between the two world wars and is still popular in designs today. Featuring parallel lines, geometric patterns and futuristic shapes, Art Deco can add a touch of class to any bathroom. Here are 10 ways to make it happen.

1. Subway tile
Subway tiles are everywhere in Art Deco designs, and they fit right into a bathroom's shower space or sink backsplash.

2. Black and white
Black and white color schemes are no-brainers in Art Deco designs, which played with the two contrasting shades endlessly. Use these two colors for an easy, failsafe design.

3. Switch plates
Art Deco decorative switch plates are the perfect complement to the bathroom walls. With crisp lines and geometric patterns, they'll be completely eye-catching.

4. Mosaic
A geometric mosaic is a perfect way to add interest to your bathroom's tile. Whether it's parallel lines running across the wall or an intricate pattern in the shower stall, tiled designs are throwbacks to the 1920s and '30s.

5. Scalloped edges
A fan-shaped mirror or scalloped sink are visually appealing and totally embody the style of the era. If you choose one bold piece, make the rest of your design a bit more subdued to avoid going over the top.

6. Shiny metals
Metallic touches with high-shine finishes are so perfect for Art Deco spaces. It's easy to incorporate these pieces into a bathroom with fixtures, mirrors, towel racks and accessories.

7. Glass
Lots of glass should be incorporated into an Art Deco design. Stained glass details and wavy glass-paneled privacy walls are big attention grabbers.

8. Green
For whatever reason, green was a big color to add to black and white design schemes in the Art Deco era. Add some seafoam green or jade elements to get the look.

9. Marble
Elegant swirled marble is prominent in Art Deco-themed bathrooms. Choose black, white or shades of gray for the most authentic look to add to your design.

10. Lux details
Anything that screams luxury has a place in an Art Deco bathroom. Chandeliers, elegant candle holders, gilded frames and over-the-top flower arrangements are all fair game. Just make sure they're in high-shine finishes.

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