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Stand out with unique hotel rooms

Vacations are a big deal for people. It's a chance to break away from the tedium of their everyday professional and personal lives. So why should their hotel rooms lack uniqueness and look like all the others in the establishment?This isn't to say that your hotel needs to have rooms that boast distinct and different themes, but not having each one look exactly the same will make it stand out among others in the area. Bringing personality to each space doesn't have to mean altering the structure of the room. It can be as simple as installing a decorative switch plate. Keep it simple One quick way to differentiate each room is to feature a range of color schemes. This may be daunting because of the sheer amount of paint that'll be needed, but consider this: If you use a primary color and a secondary hue, simply inverting the palette in the next room will create an atmosphere that's distinguishable from its neighbor without having to waste any resources.Unsure where to begin with your redesign? Start with a small item that has a huge impact on the space - switch plates. These everyday products shouldn't be overlooked as opportunities to inspire creativity. Of course, you'll want to keep your rooms looking elegant. There are plenty of choices that range in material, including brass, ceramic, pewter, mirrored glass and many more.Finding the right material will depend on the type of design that you want to feature. Is it a traditional look? A modern one? Does it lean toward a vintage feel? Traditional rooms will call for wooden, leather or other equally matte-finished plates. Highly reflective covers will be ideal for modern spaces. For vintage settings, look for ones that feature intricate designs.Echo the design There's no doubt that you'll find the perfect switch plates for your rooms. These will be a source of inspiration for your other designs. There are many colors that'll fit in with your decor and you'll find that they're much more than just finishing touches on the wall. In fact, you'll most likely find yourself repainting the walls and purchasing new rugs that fit in with your switch plates' designs. You can rest assured that guests will love the new looks.

Tips for decorating in the spirit of high-end hotels

Sometimes a "staycation" is just what you need, and you can make it fabulous with some hotel-inspired decorating.California Home + Design magazine identified several hotels around the state with sensational do-it-yourself ideas for homeowners.San Francisco's Japantown is home to Hotel Tomo, which, with its anime murals and unfettered use of Japanese pop culture, is a good illustration of high style, low budget. The standard headboard in rooms in the hotel have been replaced with an inexpensive sheet of unfinished plywood, bolted to the wall and enlivened with spots of color added by the pillows, bedspread and table-topper.In Palm Springs, the Parker is known for playfully themed rooms like the Gene Autry residence, where the singing cowboy once lived, and for its artful use of textures in decorating. One room, for example, features wire seats covered with a textural lambswool, though you could also choose faux fur or chenille to give them a unique character. The hotel uses this approach in many rooms with pillows and throws with a soft and cuddly feel.Killefer Flammang designed guest rooms that beautifully highlight the understated elegance of the Hotel Wilshire in Los Angeles. Especially noteworthy is the unconventional choice and placement of art. The gorgeous blue of a painting increases in impact if it's small and placed off to the side, adding drama in a way a larger, more centered piece could not.Woman's Day magazine also featured hotel-driven ideas for turning a simple space into a sumptuous refuge.In the bath, think spa Women's Day quoted Kris Kolar, vice president and style director for Robb & Stucky, about one of the easiest ways to transform a bath:"In good hotels, the mirror in the bathroom's going to be huge ... The right mirror will make the whole bathroom look more expensive - and larger, too."Another way to make a bath more polished is to install elegant switch plates and decorative plug outlet covers that either complement or contrast with key colors and themes.Approaching your bath as a mini-spa may come to life with plush towels, pretty flowers and flickering candles, it also demands a certain mindset, added Kolar:"Things are more Zen in both the bathroom and the bedroom at upscale hotels." she added.Chinese antiques or reproductions tend to induce the relaxing atmosphere of a resort spa, she said, and a  bamboo bath mat features clean lines, organic materials, a neutral color - and a relaxing vibe.  

Take inspiration from the best when redesigning your hotel

Hotel switch plateWhile there are many aspects of your guests' hotel stay that they'll be talking about, one of the most important is the decor. Having good decor in your hotel can provide the wow-factor that will get the word of mouth going for your hotel. Here are a few ideas that some of the most famous and well-known hotels in the world have done to keep their guests coming back.Try using glass everything Many people may not want to live in a glass house, but staying in a glass room can be a magical experience, noted Conde Nast Traveler magazine. The amazing exposure to the outdoors, the night sky and everything else that's going on in the hotel can be enough to make patrons keep coming back and recommending their friends. The Les Cols Pavellones hotel in Spain is world-renowned for using this technique in its decor, making it one of the most popular destinations for travelers worldwide.Not every hotel can have glass floors, but using lots of glass can still make for an incredible space. Consider using plenty of colored glass in your rooms - this will add both light and color to each space, so your guests will feel energized and ready for the day. With everything from tainted mirrors to switch plates available in so many variants of colored glass, it shouldn't be a problem to create a welcoming space with this material. Try using many different colors for a rainbow feel, or even use different switch plates and mirrors in each room for your guests to choose from.Give your guests a homey experience One thing that many guests are now looking for is a stay that has a homier experience. Take a look at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort and Villas, located in Colorado. The hotel will undergo a multi-million dollar renovation that will create more than 50 new luxury suites by this ski season, noted However, these rooms aren't like your typical hotel in many respects.More like rentable condos, these rooms offer full or miniature kitchens, bike racks and laundry facilities. For many guests, including these services is a must, as they may want to do their own cooking and some of the cleaning. But while these hotels feature these certain DIY flavors, they still have all the amenities of a hotel at the guests' discretion. For instance, guests can still receive delicious meals delivered to their doors and full maid service if they wish.


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