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Arrange your accessories for maximum appeal

Arrange your accessoriesWhile it can be easy to pick out just the right accessories for your home, arranging them in the perfect way can be trying. With so many types of accessories, all the way from decorative bookends to switch plates, you may be at a loss as to how to set them up for the best look. Here are a few tips to get you started.On the table Coffee tables are often great places to put a few decorative items. You can easily use decorations, books and other pieces to make for a more engaging space. The Enchanted Home blog suggested using coffee table books for low surfaces in your home. These look stellar, can function as paperweights and can keep your guests entertained. These come in so many subjects that you can easily find one that will interest you and your guests. However, a coffee table book alone likely won't be enough. Try also using a potted orchid or other plant or even a few framed pictures of friends and family. The potted plant can complement the square shape of the coffee table book, while framed pictures will complete the look.Make art and accessories work together When it comes to your walls, you want everything to work together. Try organizing things in groups according to location, color and shape. If you have several items in one corner, try adding a small table with a vase or other item to add more to the design. Then, make sure they're all in the same color family and even of the same material. Using ceramic switch plates, vases and picture frames together can look stunning, and this material can be painted in so many colors and cast in enough shapes that you'll be able to find the perfect match.Use unexpected items to give your decor a boost Better Homes and Gardens magazine noted that raising your decor items off their surface can look wonderful in many homes. Try using old and decorative volumes of books - ones with leather bindings or of a series can often look good. Try using that old set of encyclopedias that's been lying around to elevate your decor to a whole new level. With this option comes a plethora of choices about color, shape and design that leave you with lots of choices. 

Use black to make for dramatic home decor

Power of blackBlack has always been a stylish color, and it can be very successful in your home. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to use this color in moderation, as a room that's all black can actually feel more cozy than imposing, but you can also just keep it to accents for a subtler approach.Go for stark black and white For a truly eye-catching ensemble, try redoing a room totally in black and white. This stunning color combination was huge in the decor of the 1960s, and the revival of this period's decor has been coming back powerfully in the past few years. Better Homes and Gardens magazine noted that to make a good balance, try to keep all the items from one group - like furniture - white, while making pillows, tablecloths and end tables black. You can keep up this pattern by using black switch plates and frames for your mirrors or black artworks against a white wall. Use patterns for a stunning effect Black and white decor is available in a huge number of patterns, with everything from checkered stripes to geometric shapes. Since everything is the same two colors, you don't have to worry nearly as much when it comes to matching your decor, so go wild and try a little of every pattern you can find! House Beautiful magazine noted that this style will keep your eyes moving, so make sure to use this particular approach in an area that you want to be fun and engaging, rather than a more relaxed setting like a bedroom or dining room.Black furnishings make the rest of the room pop If you want to add a small table and chair set to your room, consider getting it in all black. This bold choice will make sure that your furniture is truly the center of the room, and allow the rest of your decor to stand out. You can go with a classic look by adding a square white tablecloth over your black table, which adds a nicely removable touch of balance to your new centerpiece. This style can work in a room of any color, but may be even more successful if you match it with subtle black accents in the room, like switch plates or items on the mantel. 

Get your home ready for fall with rust-colored decor

Rust or bustWhile no one likes to see rust on the underside of his or her car, this engaging shade can work wonders in your home decor. With fall well underway, you'll find that this color is fitting for the season, yet it has timeless qualities that allow it to be used all year. Here are a few ideas to get you started when it comes to using this alluring and autumnal shade of orange.Make a few easy changes for a white space Having a white room adds a touch of light airiness to any home, but you may still want to ground the brightness with something that's a little darker. Rust can come to the rescue of your pale living room with the addition of a carpet or chair, noted the Apartments I Like blog. Using a circular rust-colored rug with a few new curtains can make for a good start in getting this color into your home. Try following that up with some new switch plates and throw pillows. Play around with placements to make the balance work. Utilize the whole fall spectrum Rust may be one of the prettiest shades of fall, but there are plenty of other colors to add to the mix. Blending rust with darker shades of yellow and red can work well to create a room that always has the laid-back look of autumn. The mix of these colors will make for a den that'll make you and your family want to relax and enjoy reading, watching movies and playing games. Try going for a pumpkin-colored couch with a rust-colored vase or switch plate nearby to complete the fall medley. HGTV noted that a splash of red can make rooms with a fall complexion come together.Use rust-colored items from all over the world Rust has been a color of worldly and exotic decorations ever since domestic decor started to embrace influences from around the globe. Using rust-colored lampshades or hanging tapestries can give your home an Eastern vibe that's always in style. This color will also look beautiful when in the form of a modern painting on the wall, even if it's alongside older antiques. By using rust as the main color base, you can easily use decorations from all parts of the world and virtually any time.

3 tips for redesigning your kitchen in green

GreenMany people opt for a white kitchen, but going for a different color can make your cooking space totally unique. Using one or more of the many shades of green, along with complementary colors, can create an unforgettable space where it will be more of a pleasure to cook and hang out with family and friends than in any ordinary kitchen. Here are three tips to help get you started.1. Go for a two-toned theme Using a light and a dark shade of green together can make your kitchen feel more lush and alive than a more typical white. Try using a foamy, washed-out green on the cabinets while choosing a darker shade for the wall behind them. This will create the illusion of a space that feels deeper and more whole than a monochromatic design, noted Country Living magazine. You can add to this feel by using various decorations that have accents of blue and brown alongside green to help them blend in, like switch plates or picture frames. 2. Go for the most appealing greens There are hundreds of shades of green out there, but you'll want to make sure you choose one that will look right in the kitchen. Using a green that's too dark may make this room feel imposing, so try using a shade that's a bit lighter. One idea is looking for inspiration in colors that you might find in foods you cook. House Beautiful magazine suggested using pea or mint green, since these colors are easy on the eyes and will make your home feel brighter. If used as part of a checkered pattern, you can add to the light feel of one of these lighter greens. 3. Use a single green wall For many homes, using an entire wall as a color accent can work to balance out a room like the kitchen. Painting one wall a solid shade of green can help to draw your eye there. For this accented wall, feel free to use only one or two big and bold items, like antique wood pieces or a sprawling, framed artwork, to balance out the color. You can use the other walls in the room to add accents to support the wall by hanging switch plates and small artworks that share the same color. This will help bring the entire room together. 

Choose beauteous bamboo for a brilliant home

Bamboo for youStrong, cheap and yet still good-looking, bamboo seems to have everything going for it. This material is becoming more popular domestically as well as overseas, and its versatility is making it an up-and-coming choice for anyone looking to add a new flavor of decor in his or her home. Here are a few tips to get this material in your spaces.Go all out with bamboo Bamboo is such an affordable material that it's easy to deck out an entire room. From floors, to walls, to furniture, just about anything you're looking for can be found in bamboo, but the low price and high quality aren't the only reasons to use this plant. Martha Stewart Living magazine noted that bamboo is a perfect neutral all on its own. The warm glow that emanates from bamboo makes a great backdrop for any color family that you want to introduce.Since modern technology has been working with this miraculous plant for decades, there are all sorts of ways to use it. Whether it's flooring that requires little maintenance or even textiles that you'd never guess were made of bamboo save for the earthy glow, you can rest assured knowing that there are more than enough options for your home.Use small touches to create a natural vibe If you don't want to completely redesign your home around this material, there are still plenty of ways to use it. There's a plethora of Asian-themed artwork made of this material that follows an artistic tradition thousands of years old, or you can go with more modern uses of this plant. Try a brilliantly hand-painted bamboo switch plate in any color you like - there's just enough transparency in the lacquer to show the gorgeous bamboo underneath. To give your living or dining room an exotic feel, try hanging some bamboo blinds, suggested Home New Design. The light will be softened marvelously as it comes through the shades, and you can add a few decorations around them to bring out that signature, natural tone. Try hanging a few switch plates in the room or putting a few decorations on the mantelpiece. You can even find vases and other centerpieces made of bamboo to go on your table - the possibilities are nearly endless!

Redo your kitchen with Corian

Corian goodnessCorian has become one of the most popular materials to use for contractors and homeowners alike. This versatile material is ideal in the bathroom and the kitchen as it doesn't stain and is incredibly easy to clean. Now you can finally have the perfect matching switch plate to go with your Corian countertops or bathroom fixtures. In the kitchen Corian can be used for countertops, sinks and many other parts of the home to achieve long-lasting and good-looking decor. This material comes in so many finishes that it may seem impossible to find the matching accessories, but with new Corian switch plates you don't need to worry. With dozens of choices to make, you can be sure that you'll have a great fit for your countertop.However, you don't need to already have Corian in your home to enjoy one of these switch plates, as they'll look great hanging on their own. But once you install one of these beautiful switch plates, you may be convinced to install more Corian in your home. Houzz shows all the possibilities of this material in your kitchen or bathroom - it looks right at home in both modern and classical designs, and its easy-to-clean nature makes it a perfect fit for any culinary lover's home.In the bathroom Corian is a totally nonporous material, which makes it resistant to stains and odors, noted ChicTip. This makes it an ideal material to use in the bathroom, since it won't carry any lingering discolorations or colors. This versatile product can be made into everything from sinks to tubs, so it can be used for virtually every item in the bathroom. Once again, it'll be a breeze to find the matching switch plate to go with your new Corian fixtures.Corian vs. marble While marble is a classic building material, Corian has it beat in a few key categories. The first is that Corian's so customizable that you can easily find it in the perfect size, shape and color to match your home's needs. The second is that this material can be custom-made to fit directly onto your kitchen island or counter, so you don't need to have the unsightly silicone edges that you'll often see with marble items. All in all, this material has all the beauty of marble with none of the the hassle, so consider using it if you're remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. 

Use the styles of the Renaissance to make your home beautiful

RENAISSANCE SWITCH PLATEThe Renaissance, the massive rebirth of art and culture after the Dark Ages, has had lasting impacts on the worlds of art and design for many years. The styles that came about from this inspiration are famed for their grace, taste and elegance. Implement a Renaissance vibe into your decor can totally change the way your home feels.Turn your dining room into a dining hall The grand feasts and parties of the Renaissance have been famous for centuries. They involved elaborate costumes, gourmet dishes and, of course, breathtaking decor. To get your dining room to feel more like a Renaissance piece, you should try using lots of wood and antique metals. The iVillage blog suggested going all-out and using faux deer antlers on the wall paired with a hanging chandelier to make your home feel spectacularly aged. Match this with just the right switch plate and your dining room will outshine the rest.Make your entryway feel grand One of the most important parts of any Renaissance-era home was the grand entryway. Try making yours stand out by hanging oversize portrait paintings or reproductions in solid wood frames. These will give your home a regal look that's hard to replicate with any other style, yet you still have a variety of options. For a more classical look, try using old-fashioned  themed artworks like portraits of soldiers and their horses. You can update the look by using paintings with a more modern subject that are still painted in the Renaissance style, often using oil paints as the medium, noted Renaissance Rules.Use the right materials for the job You'll want to use materials that are either genuine or perfectly mimic the look of what was used in the Middle Ages. Cleverly substituting stone for resin, switch plates and other new decorations have the right idea in mind. They'll look like they could've come out of a museum, yet you can get them online for great prices.The same is true of just about any material - you can find new items that have the look of antiques. Faux wood and sterling silver are stellar choices for the items that go on the wall or even for your furniture, as long as they look like they came out of the Middle Ages.

Tips for decorating your kid's room

Kid's roomWhen it comes to decorating your child's room, you'll want to have something that's fun and whimsical, yet have the space still be a place where you son or daughter can concentrate on doing homework assignments and other productive activities. These tips may help you find the perfect middle ground for your child.Keep your child's height in mind When you decorate your child's room, make sure that everything is child-sized. Whether it's storage space or the switch plate, your child should be able to reach everything. HGTV recommended keeping everything at his or her level so he or she can help learn independence through picking out his or her own clothes and toys when he or she want them. This will make your child feel more like he or she have choices to make, even if you get the final say.Encourage artistic behavior While few people want their kids to paint on the wall, chalkboard paint makes being openly creative easier for your child. Real Simple magazine suggested painting a large part of your kid's room with chalkboard paint - available at most hardware stores - to keep your child busy and entertained. You can also provide a wide variety of colorful chalks to use, which can help nurture your child's imagination. Try pairing this with fun and colorful decor, like posters, clocks and switch plates, to help give your son or daughter inspiration to go wild and create.Let your child display his or her favorites Whether your child loves collecting toy dinosaurs or colorful rocks, it's a good idea to give your boy or girl a space to display his or her prized possessions. This can help your child gain organizational skills while giving you kid a confidence boost to go after his or her dreams. Something simple like an inexpensive metal display cabinet with no glass can make for an easy setup. You could also use a bookshelf with picture books on the lower levels to encourage your child to learn.Keep colors simple These days, children may be overwhelmed by the variety of bright colors coming from electronic learning devices, the television and other sources. To combat these, try keeping the room a simple color. A combination of white and light blue is relaxing and calming, while something like yellow or orange may be more stimulating for your child.


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