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How to decorate your small bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most frequented areas of a home. If you've got a relatively small space, it can be easy to overlook the opportunity to decorate it. After all, where would you be able to feature any decor? Chances are, you have a relatively small sink with little to no counter space for accent pieces, and it might not seem worthwhile to put up a painting. Make space Though it may seem impossible, there are ways that you can expand your bathroom. Instead of purchasing furniture that takes up a lot of floor space, opt for narrow pieces that boast height. For example, a set of shelves with many levels will give you plenty of space to store various sundries. Certain tiers can even be dedicated solely to decor.Installing long shelves on the wall is an easy and cheap do-it-yourself project that'll give your space more dimension. Instead of hanging up paintings, you can simply place them on the shelves. This gives your bathroom a more casual, welcoming atmosphere.Don't overlook design Despite the size of your bathroom, there are many opportunities to personalize the space. Start with an essential fixture that won't go unnoticed - the light switch plate. Household residents and visitors use this every time they step into the bathroom, so why keep the outlet cover that came with the home? Make it your own by selecting one that speaks to your personality and style, whether it's steampunk, fancy chic or wired and jeweled pieces. Show everyone your interior design skills by carrying designs from these outlet covers into other parts of the bathroom. A tile frame around the mirror is the perfect way to balance out the eye-catching switch plate. Feature big changes Make sure your redesign project doesn't go unnoticed by repainting the wall. There are many different hues that you can explore. If it's not a full bathroom, warm colors are a possibility, but if there's a tub or shower in the space as well, you might want to opt for cooler, calmer shades such as blue or green. If there are any whimsical designs on the switch plate, you can echo them on the walls. Broad, sweeping designs will invite admiring eyes to travel across the room, ensuring that every little detail you've spent so much time figuring out is appreciated.

Optimize your studio apartment for work-from-home options

Being able to work from home is an exciting opportunity. But if you live in a studio and don't have the luxury of a home office, it can be challenging.So how do you take advantage of flexible work with such limited space? Whether you work at a desk or at the coffee table, there are many ways that you can make your alternative workspace more functional.Start by rearranging If you've never worked from home before, you may be due for a furniture rearrangement. Perhaps your desk is on the side of the room away from the window, or maybe you don't have the space for a desk. Either way, it's a good idea to set up shop close to natural lighting. It'll be easier on your eyes and you can enjoy a fresh breeze whenever you want. However, position yourself so that the computer faces away from the window - you don't want to deal with the glare on your screen.The surface that you work from doesn't have to be a full-fledged desk if the room is too small. But, the convenience of one can't be overlooked. Even a simple lap desk that you can use in bed or on the couch can make your work routine easier, especially if you're juggling a laptop and paperwork. Redecorate the room  If you stretched your interior design muscles when you first moved in, chances are, there are a lot of visual distractions that might be detrimental to your work. Loud patterns and bright colors might be great for a space that's only used for living, but definitely aren't ideal for getting a day's worth of work done.This doesn't mean that you can't decorate, but be careful not to go overboard. Opt for small but impactful pieces such as switch plates. Whether you prefer to work during the day or at night, these decorative covers will no doubt inspire you, no matter where you're sitting in the room. Look for simple artistic ones, such as Art Deco or textured brass. Mirror these designs by featuring the details on other accent pieces. Curtains with a similar pattern or a throw pillow of the same color will make the design more cohesive and show off your design skills while motivating you to focus on your work.

Make your laundry room more functional

If you don't look forward to laundry because it's a hassle, then it may be time to reassess your laundry space. Chances are, there are several ways that you can make the area more functional.Laundry isn't a particularly difficult task, but if you don't have everything you need within arm's reach, it can seem much worse than it really is. Fixing this problem might be as simple as installing some shelves, but why stop there? Start with lighting Unless you have a house with a laundry chute, chances are you carry the hamper into the laundry room. It doesn't matter which level of the home it's in - doing this is a hassle. You can increase safety and ease this routine by replacing your normal light switches with Decora ones. These large toggles make turning the lights on and off a breeze. Use this new fixture as an opportunity to change up the decor in the laundry room. Keep it simple but classy with Art Deco switch plates that'll draw the eye. Alternatively, you can make it the focal point of the room by featuring a more unique cover, such as ones that have interesting shapes.Move onto storage If you've been keeping your laundry detergent, softener and dryer sheets right on top of the machines, you're due for an upgrade. Shelves are easy do-it-yourself projects that can hold anything from laundry essentials to decorative items that'll help make the room more welcoming.Additionally, consider putting up a hanging rod. Chances are, you have articles of clothing that need to be hung up right away. Having this right in the laundry room ensures that there are no chances that the clothes will get wrinkled as they make their way out of the dryer and onto a hanger. There's no doubt that you'll come across mysterious lone socks during your laundry sessions. At some point, you may find their partners, but in the meantime, you have to keep these single socks in a central location. Having a bag nearby where you can drop these items will optimize your chances of being able to form a pair again.When your laundry room is functional and esthetically pleasing, you'll find that it no longer feels like a chore. You can bet that your friends and family members will be jealous of your redecorated space!

Turn your bathroom into a tropical getaway

Whether you have a tub or a stand-in shower, the bathroom is the perfect place to let your stress melt away. The serenity that can be found in this area can be further heightened through decor.After all, it's one of the most frequented rooms in the home, so why overlook the opportunity to use your interior design skills? There are many ways to express your creativity, from the switch plate to the shower curtain. Start with the switch plate There's no setting that's more relaxing than a tropical island. Regardless of where you live, there's no reason why you can't bring some island fun to your bathroom with a beach-themes switch plate. Start with this simple feature that'll catch any visitor's attention and the rest will fall into place. Turning the light or ventilation on or off will never be mundane when you have a one-of-a-kind cover. You can go straight for the obvious and feature plates with turtles or fish. Alternatively, you can take a subtler route by installing one that's made by artists who live in tropical regions. These come in unusual shapes and unique color palettes. In fact, you'll find yourself inspired by these combinations. Don't hesitate to explore these hues on your walls or bathroom tiles. Doing so will make your bathroom's design look more cohesive.Repaint the walls Once you figure out which switch plate best suits your style, it's time to draw inspiration from it. If there are interesting shapes that you want to mimic on the wall, do so! Just because they're bathroom walls doesn't mean that they can't feature a mural or a sweeping design that'll make it stand out from other rooms in the home.If you're not ready to make such a big commitment, simply changing up the color of the walls will create a different atmosphere. Stick to aquatic pastels such as sea foam green or light coral. Change up the decor There are small and easy ways to carry the new theme into the rest of the bathroom. Decor such as the soap dispenser, wall art and towels can be replaced with tropical themed ones. Don't forget to replace the curtain, as well.You can also go the extra mile and make the change more permanent by having new tiles installed on the floor and in the shower. 

How to create a fabulous foyer

The foyer is the first thing people see when they enter your home, so of course you want it to be a reflection of your personality and offer guests a welcoming entrance into the home. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, there are plenty of ways to design a foyer that matches you and your home.Make it yours You want the entryway to feel like an all-encompassing welcome mat for visitors and residents, with delectable designs over their heads and beneath their feet. One thing you'll definitely want to focus on is the floor, and you'll need to decide whether you'd prefer wood, tile or something else entirely. While carpet has its benefits, it's not the best choice for the room people enter with their dirty shoes on. A well-thought-out tile design can really define a space and make a great first impression. If you decide that hardwood is more up your alley, there are solid plank pine floors for people who prefer a lighter touch. Brazilian cherry wood is an excellent choice if you'd prefer something richer.Lighting is important in this room as well - what's a great design worth if nobody can see it? Hanging lights are the preferred option, as they cast light over the entire setup, or you can go with an elegant chandelier. The "Shabby Chic" collection of decorative outlet covers has plenty of gorgeous selections to choose from if you're going for an understated look. The "Corian" collection also has a plethora of unobtrusive but colorful options. Do something a little different Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended that no matter how you decide to tweak your entryway, it's important to "honor the architecture." The magazine pointed out that certain things are common for all entryways. For example, they all include a door and many have stairs nearby. One suggestion is to add a splash of color to your foyer by painting each step of the stairs a different color. Another great way to let people know they're welcome is to paint your front door a bright color such as sky blue or tangerine. The molding around the doorway and going up the stairs shouldn't be neglected - slap on a couple of coats of paint that match the new color scheme, or highlight the wood's color with a coat of oil. For colorful plug covers that match your adventurous new foyer, check out the "Colorful Nature Relief" collection. These switch plates sport vibrant colors with the silhouettes of leaves delicately draped over them. 

Make your kitchen fun and livable with light and color

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It's where food is prepared and sometimes enjoyed, and with mealtimes often being  some of the few times during the week when busy families sit down, it should be a place that the chef of the house enjoys spending time in. Add more than a splash of color  Color is essential to any room in the house. Whether it's bright or subdued, it sets the mood and can make a powerful statement if executed with flair. Houzz suggested mixing it up by having bright colors that are offset by white. Paint the sides of the island in your kitchen something adventurous like turquoise or pink - whatever your favorite is! This will create a look that boasts a beautiful color scheme that immediately grabs the eye of guests without overwhelming their senses. Another fun way to add color to your cooking space is to install a backsplash behind the sink, or, as Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested, behind a shelving unit. A unit that has the back cut out is ideal for this because the colors of the backsplash will shine through. By aligning the shelf with a window, you can ensure even brighter tones. To accent your brightened and improved kitchen, accent the look with something from Switch Hits' collection of Funky Ceramic decorative switch plates. This series has vibrant colors that can not only complement the room's colors, but be one of the standout pieces in the kitchen.Find simple solutions that pop Put your windows to work by hanging curtains that will shed whatever kind of light you want into the kitchen. This can be a fun do-it-yourself project. Simply go to your local sewing or craft store and pick a bolt of cloth that stands out to you and fits into the color scheme in your kitchen. Measure the window before purchasing the cloth so you know exactly how much you need. The material should be light enough to let the sunlight filter through and turn the room the shade of the curtain hanging in the window.Orange is perfect for this project as it makes the light softer without taking away from the lovely color. Another great option is blue if you'd prefer something subtler, or keep it completely natural with white lace curtains that will let pure sunlight in. Try the Colors in Motion outlet covers collection to make a bold statement. 

Make a home office anywhere in the house

You've bought the desk, you have a lamp and your filing cabinet is awaiting the documents that it'll hold for you as you continue your career in a new home office. With help from Switch Hits' decorative plate covers, you can turn your professional base into the most productive working environment possible and show off your personal style. Choose a space Some houses and apartments come with a space specifically cordoned off and dubbed the home office area. However, just because you're told that one area is the office doesn't mean you can't create your work space anywhere in the house you'd like with a little bit of creativity. For those who don't have a designated office, finding the room to create one can be a challenge. Elle Decor magazine pointed to the home office of master bedroom decorator Darryl Carter. He took the master bedroom of his Washington, D.C. townhouse and turned it into the office of his dreams. Think outside the box Although the work area isn't normally the center of attention in the bedroom, nobody said every bedroom has to be the same! Follow Carter's lead and make your desk the room's centerpiece. A demilune desk such as the one used by him is an excellent way to make the room your professional oasis.The desks curves like the letter C, saving space and giving you the feeling of being sectioned off from the sleeping area. For your newly redone bedroom/office, pick a set of outlet covers that match your professional demeanor and personality. The Fancy Chic collection has plenty of options that, with their neutral colors and stylish designs, are a perfect match for any office.   Keep it professional at home A home office needs to be the type of place where you have that drive to get things done, but you don't have to sacrifice comfort and style in order to accomplish that. HGTV suggested that the most important part of any office is the chair you choose. It is, after all, the place where you'll spend most of your day! Storage is also of the utmost importance, but don't let it determine the layout of your office.Figure out how shelving and cabinets will best fit in with your established workflow and design the office with that in mind. Things you use all the time ought to be easy to reach, and one of those things is likely the light switch. The Classic Ceramic collection has numerous options, some more colorful than others, that will add a classy flair to your workspace. 

Create a divine dining room

The dining room is arguably the most important room in your home. It's where the family can gather in the evening to eat, drink and swap stories about the day. Family dinners may have fallen by the wayside to some extent in this mile-a-second world, but not entirely. Redesigning your dining room could be the first step toward recommitting yourself and your family to spending dinner time together.  Getting the light right As with any room in the house, lighting of the utmost importance when you're figuring out the new lay-out of your dining room. If you have large picture windows, those will provide the room with ample light at dinner time during the spring and summer when the days are longer. For those colder months, a hanging lamp or a chandelier is the perfect way to illuminate the delicious meal in front of you. Switch Hits has plenty of collections of decorative outlet covers with which you can spruce up the space, whether your taste is classic or modern, funky or subdued. If you're trying to achieve a clean modern look, check out Switch Hits' Art Deco or Colored Glass collections. They come in a variety of colors, so no matter what the color scheme in your dining room, you're sure to find something that matches. If you'd prefer something a little more dark, try the Vermont Slate collection. For an edgier look, try the Steampunk or Colors in Motion collections. All in the details In the process of reworking the room, you want to make sure it's a reflection of your personality, while also being a welcoming space for the entire family. Southern Living suggests outfitting the room with fresh linens to add a touch of classic elegance. Try a solid pattern in any color, or reach for something a bit bolder with a checked or paisley table cloth. Top the look off with matching chair covers and napkins, and your dining room will be fit for a debutante. Better Homes and Gardens urges the DIY interior decorator in you to take it to the next level by making the dining room a multi-purpose space where the kids can do homework, and the adults will feel comfortable sitting back with a newspaper or a good book. It could even double as an arts and crafts room for the kids with the help of a plastic tarp that can be thrown over the usual linens.Keeping the atmosphere fresh is sure to make the dining room a place the whole family can come together no matter what time of day it is! 

What's mine is mine: Dividing the bathroom into his and hers

The bathroom is where you perform your morning routine before heading out to face the world and the place where you might kick back at the end of the day with a relaxing soak in the bath tub. Privacy is of the utmost importance, and so is making sure that your things are where you left them.You love your significant other - you really do - but he doesn't want to find makeup all over the sink, and if you walk in one more time to find the toilet seat up there are likely to be serious repercussions for that man. Since it's such a personal space, keep avoidable and petty disagreements out of sight and out of mind by having his and hers bathrooms, or by simply dividing the space in a single bathroom.Her bathroom Assuming the lady of the house is partial to traditionally feminine themes, consider decorating her bathroom with pale pink and white tile. You can choose between simply dividing the bathroom into two halves, or building a wall between to separate the spaces, and install separate plumbing systems. House Beautiful recommends the goddess bath for women, calling it "the perfect spa experience." Water flows from the ceiling into a round tub where you can luxuriate the night away. A vanity with makeup lights is also a must, so you have a place to store your lady products and to beautify yourself in the morning. For an elegant touch to your miniature spa, deck the walls out in Switch Plates' Mirror Mirror On The Wall decorative outlet covers. You will definitely feel like the fairest of them all. His bathroom  A great way to kick off your manly bathroom design is with a floor and backsplash of slate grey or charcoal colored tile. This no-nonsense choice will give you a bathroom that says it deserves to be taken seriously. For the drawers where you'll store your shaving supplies and other masculine hygiene products, dark cherry wood is an excellent choice. This Old House suggests a cherry and limestone bath for a look that will make you feel like a king. Another great addition to your manly commode is a ladder towel rack. You can buy one at the store, or you can keep it rustic by taking an old ladder used for construction projects, sanding and painting it yourself, and putting it in the bathroom to hang your towels on. Switch Hits' collection of hand cast bronze switch plates are the perfect way to complete this man cave of cleanliness. 

Decorate a small apartment like a pro

Sprucing up a small living space can be difficult and frustrating. Furniture is often too large. Appliances are cramped together and hard to move. The space's size can be unsettling at times, and making the rooms look well laid-out and neat can be challenging.There are plenty of tips decorators can capitalize on to make the best use of their space and open up a room that's on the smaller side . Here are just a few to help turn that little apartment into a big hit.Lighting can work wonders Whether you're renting or living in an apartment long term, you're not stuck with the lights built into your apartment. Adding lamps and wall-mounted sconces that don't need hardwiring can make any room more welcoming. According to designer Ron Marvin from "Small Space, Big Style," lights are the perfect tool for making smaller areas more inviting and livable. Try softening the light by adding shades to any open bulbs. Make the shades or lamps match the switch plates for a truly comprehensive look. Pick the right furniture Many homeowners get into the habit of decorating for guests, but what's the point of that when you're the one roaming your apartment every day? Decorate for yourself first and foremost. That means buying furniture that's important to you. Don't waste space with a desk if you rarely use one outside of work, and don't sacrifice an area for a dining room table where a dining nook can accomplish the same effect. Here are a few other tips for picking the right furniture:Translucent chairs and glass tabletops can do wonders to open up a spaceTry and match the proportions of your apartment (oversized furniture actually makes rooms seem smaller)Functionality is more important than decorative yet cumbersome featuresBetter Homes and Gardens magazine suggested imagining your apartment as an empty canvas before placing any furnitureDrawing up a floor plan and measuring furniture can save a great amount of time and effort. Use wall space effectively Floating shelves, mirrors and mounted televisions all serve to give you more space to roam, more places for storage and more peace of mind. Don't clutter your walls, but try to utilize empty wall space as much as possible. Mirrors open up the environment and make rooms seem more spacious. A matching mirrored switch plate can help open the area, too. Floating shelves are compact, sleek and perfect for stacking. Plus, they offer valuable space for knickknacks and other items. Mounted televisions have the dual advantage of clearing tabletop space and turning the vacant walls into centerpieces.


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