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Inspire yourself with an office remodel

When you have a home office, it's important to design it properly. It's a space that should inspire you to work, but the decor shouldn't be so creative that it distracts you. So how do you find the perfect balance?Not only do you have to ensure that the room boasts form and function, but you also have to personalize it. After all, it's strictly your space, so it should reflect your personality. Figure out a theme There are many decor options when you're outfitting your home office. Deciding on the color palette, finding the right fixtures and laying out the space will depend on what style you choose. You can never go wrong with the classiness of a traditional look, but you might prefer the flair of modern design. Regardless of which one you decide on, there are plenty of ways to enhance the atmosphere.Go with tried-and-true Want a home office that reflects your executive status? Look no further than a traditional setup. This design is heavy on muted colors, dark woods and supple leather. Start the design by investing in decor that'll set up the overall effect. Bring some elegance to your wall with a dark wood or leather switch plate. Then move your efforts to the floor by purchasing a large Oriental rug. Leather can be featured on armchairs and in desk organizers, as featured on HGTV. Include dark woods by investing in the right furniture. If you already have wooden fixtures that aren't dark enough, you can simply sand them down, re-stain them with darker shades and reseal them for protection.Choose a modern look This is where decorating can get tricky. Modern designs call for broad, sweeping lines and loud patterns. Done well, it can be a source of inspiration. However, overdoing any of these elements can undermine your efforts and cause distraction.When featuring this theme, it's important to decorate slowly. Start small but make a big impact by looking at switch plates and outlet covers that scream "modern." From hand-painted covers to photographic models and hammered metals, the possibilities are endless. There's so much creativity to be found in these items that you'll most likely wind up designing the rest of the room around them, and why not, when they're so visually appealing? Use the same material as the one that the switch plates are made out of to create a cohesive space that'll wow everyone.

Lighten up your home decor for summer

Once the winter cold has passed and the spring chill has given way to the sweltering summer heat, chances are you're going to be spending a lot more time in the warm sunshine. When you come home you don't want to experience the letdown that comes with entering a home decked out in dreary decor, so before summer arrives and the beach starts calling you, take a weekend to redecorate with some summer accessories and bright colors. Switch Hits has plenty of festive outlet covers to help you pull the look together. Out with the old and in with the new Heavy rugs are a great way to keep the heat in and to keep your bare feet warm in the winter months, but when summer rolls around, they can make a room feel closed in and dark. Toss the rugs in the basement for the season and either let your natural floor breathe and lighten up the room, or throw down some brightly colored light rugs that will brighten up the room. Women's Day recommended adding some color to your dining room or kitchen by outfitting the table with some colorful linens. Have some fun with it and use different colors, or varying hues of the same shade, for a table cloth and placemats, then top the look off with some patterned napkins. The Switch Hits Colors in Motion collection of outlet covers will brighten up any room, and are perfect for anyone seeking vibrant colors that really pop. If you want to add a splash of color but have slightly less loud tastes, try Switch Hits' Bamboo Beauties collection. The colors are bright and subdued at the same time with the real bamboo wood peaking through the paint. Dress it up A fireplace is the perfect place to gather in the dead of winter, but when the warmer months roll around, it ceases to be the center of life at home. Better Homes and Gardens suggested rearranging the furniture in your living room or whichever room your fireplace happens to be in, so that when people sit down they're facing windows rather than the fireplace. This will make the space feel larger and more open.Another must have for summer are house plants. Whether you're going for something simple like a fern or some brightly colored flowers, the plants will add life and energy to any room. Top it off with a decorative cover plate from the handmade ceramic collection for a look that's colorful without verging into tacky territory or go full on floral and accent your design with a Floral and Garden switch plate!  

Designing a colorful and classy living room

No matter what time of year it is, you can make it feel like spring all year long in a cozy and colorful living space designed to fit your personality and needs. You can do a complete revamp of the room with a new paint job, furniture and maybe even knocking a wall down. Whether you go big or go small, you'll need outlet covers to match your fresh design. Of course, not everybody is up for a complete remodeling job, but that doesn't mean you can't change the entire tone of a room with a few simple additions, whether it's adding some colorful throw pillows or throwing down an Oriental rug. Picking a color scheme and making it stick  If your favorite colors are bold and bright, splash them all over the walls and get furniture to match if you'd like. Keep in mind though that too much of a good thing may drive you up the wall eventually. Real Simple magazine suggested using white or another neutral colors to offset the vivacious color scheme you've chosen. The contrast will make both colors pop even more than before and you won't end up with a room that looks too "matchy". Switch Hits has plenty of collections that use bright colors including Colorful Nature Relief.The Wild Grass Red decorative outlet cover is the perfect choice for a room with a red or orange color scheme. If blue is more your hue, the Japanese Maple Leaf blue should be right up your alley. According to HGTV, a consistent color scheme can also give the room the illusion of being more spacious than it actually is. If more subtle tones such as off white or peach are more your style, check out the Shapely Patina collection, where you'll find muted tones such as Autumn Brass. Another option that will make a statement without shouting is the collection of Hardwood switch plates. Whether your style is loud or quiet, choosing different hues of the same color is another way to make your living room look larger and more inviting. Picking lovely patterns and accessories for your pad  ‚ÄčOnce you have your color squared away, feel free to experiment with different patterns. A paisley or floral pattern that's a slightly lighter hue than the main paint job will complement the room perfectly. Use these patterns in the form of curtains, furniture cover or the furniture itself. To add a natural touch to the room add some hanging plants, or a nice flower arrangement on a central piece of furniture.     No matter what your personal style is, there are plenty of ways to make your home a reflection of who you are. 

Shooting pool at home in your own billiard room

Playing pool is a great way to unwind after work or to entertain yourself on the weekend, but playing at a bar or pool hall can be a pain. Whether you're waiting around for a table to open up or the crowd is just a little too tipsy for your tastes, you can't control the environment. Designing your own little pool playing pocket at home will give you the space and freedom you've always wanted, and allow you to shoot pool at your own pace. What should you you shoot for? The first thing you'll want to do is break out the measuring tape and figure out which room you can fit a pool table in, while leaving room for the various accouterments you desire. You'll want to make sure that players have 4 to 6 feet of space in which to shoot. There are plenty of ways to customize your billiard room, whether you go for a modern look, classic British or fifties diner. If you settle on the latter, Home Guides suggests adding a juke box and a soda bar to the mix. You can stock your soda bar with the ingredients of your favorite cocktails for when you feel like imbibing with your friends. Switch Hits' muscle car collection has a great selection of colorful metal outlet covers that will add to the vintage look of the space.      If you decide that the classic British route is more your speed, consider buying an antique pool table. It's the centerpiece of the room and in addition to giving you a place to play, will add class and style to the room. Decorative outlet covers from the hand crafted pewter collection are perfect for this design. Lighting up the room  According to House Plans and More, natural light can create glare which can blind people as they're trying to play. If you choose a room that has windows make sure you add thick curtains to the windows to keep the light from interfering with the game. Most of the room should be cast in a dim light, with a slightly brighter light hanging over the table in order to ensure the entire thing can be seen clearly. The source went on to say that the light ought to be hung about three feet above the table, or 5 1/2 feet above the ground.Throw in some seating to make sure you and your guests are comfortable between shots, and let the games begin!    

Designing a home theater fit for a royal family

Plopping down on the couch with your remote control and a bowl of popcorn is one way to watch a movie, but with all the technology available for expanding the capabilities of home entertainment, why not build your own theater? If you've got an extra room you're not using and you want to enhance the movie viewing experience for yourself and your loved ones, design a theater that's as cozy as home but has the look and feel of a movie theater. Which room is right for your home theater? The first step is choosing the right room for your theater. Bob Vila magazine recommends picking a room that's somewhat isolated from the rest of the house so that your viewing experience won't be disturbed by outside noises. The basement would be an excellent choice as it's removed from the main rooms of the home and there usually isn't much natural light to disrupt up the movie viewing experience. Another great tip from is to choose a rectangular room. According to the source, noise build-up has a tendency to bounce off of walls in a square room. Regular drywall is usually adequate insulation unless you plan on installing a window-shattering audio system. Putting the home in home theater Since it's your own home you might as well make the seating more comfortable than a public theater with leather recliners. An excellent complement to this is Switch Hits' collection of leather switch plates. Whether you choose a textured or a smooth design, it's sure to add a touch of class to your private cinema.If you choose to build the theater in your basement, chances are you'll be contending with a good amount of large, flat empty surfaces from the floor to the wall. DIY Network suggests breaking this monotonous design up with some drapes for the wall. Choose some classic red velvet theater curtains to give it that old-timey feel, and hang them from the wall as drapes. Don't let the absence of windows prevent you from hanging decorative drapes! Art framed in glass is a no-go as the light and sound will bounce off of it, distracting people from the movie. Wall-to-wall carpeting is also recommended both to improve the acoustics in the room and help keep the heat in. If you're going for that classic theater look, red carpeting is the way to go, and Switch Hits has some colorful options to choose from for your decorative outlet covers. Check out the colors in motion or the funky ceramics collections to add a splash of color to the wall.  

Create the perfect home art studio

Every artist needs a space in which he or she can think, work and, above all, create art. Turning one of your rooms into a home art studio can help you maintain focus on your work and provide you with a separate space in which you can sit and wait while inspiration washes over you before spilling onto your canvas. A room with a view                           Your art studio is your fortress of solitude where you meditate on your next project and grow as an artist, so make the space fit your needs. Digs Digs suggested choosing a room with large windows to allow an ample amount of natural light in. Electric lighting is important too for when the days grow shorter or you're working late into the night. Switch Hits' whimsical and fun category has over 100 options to choose from, which gives you plenty of room to find the funk you're looking for. Each of these decorative switch plates has a surreal edge to it, from the fire-breathing dragon to the eccentric interpretation of a sumo wrestler. When friends ask where these outlet covers came from, you'll wish you could say they were your creations! Make it your own                               The Lubbock-Avalanche Journal noted that one of the important things to remember when designing your studio is that it needs a blend of utilitarian and imagination-enriching decor. Mason jars are inexpensive and make great containers for art supplies. You don't need to spend any extra money purchasing jars either. Go fishing in your recycling bin and see what sort of trash you can turn into treasure. Deck out your jar - or whatever you find - with paint or maybe even a collage. See-through jars certainly have their advantages, allowing you to see exactly where your materials are and how much you have left. Shelves are another great place for storage and a perfect space to show off your creativity. Paint them however you'd like and let you personality shine through. Digs Digs also suggested painting the walls white so your work will pop in contrast, allowing you to really pick apart the details and make the masterpiece you were born to make. If you'd like decorative outlet covers that will complement your decor without competing with your art, subdued designs like Mother of pearl or Antigua champagne should do the trick. Whether you're looking to create a colorful creative abstract space or a blank slate of a room, Switch Hits has plenty of decorative outlet covers to help you pull it together.                                                

Designing a divine sun porch before summer

Oh, the sun porch. In the summer it can be the best room in the house, combining the natural scenery and breezy cool of the outdoors with the comforts of home furnishing. Bring some spark and personality to your sun porch and make it the perfect place to drink cocktails, spot fireflies or just laze about in the summer months. Design a sun room that reflects your location - or where you wish you were                                                     Just because you live in an area that is far from the salty coast doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the perks of beachfront living in your home. Switch Hits' collection of Sandy Beach decorative outlet covers are the perfect starting point around which you can install the rest of your decor. Painted with a sandy beach, blue sky and even a little sand castle looking at these will make you and your guests wish you were on a skiff in the Chesapeake Bay. Country Living magazine offers some tips on how to bring the genteel touch of a Martha's Vineyard beach house to your humble abode. Walls slathered in a fresh coat of white paint will further illuminate a room that'll already be bathed in natural light during the day. Depending on just how nautical you want to take this theme, model ships along with the steering wheel of a ship can be found at furniture and antique stores. If the sun porch is at the front of your house, dig a small path and fill it with seashells to give it that "just walking home from the beach" feel. Conch shells and sea glass on the window sills will add the perfect finishing touches to your faux vacation home. Go for something a little different                                                                              If you want the type of space that will have all of your guests asking "where'd you get that?" try Switch Hits' classic pewter outlet covers. The natural light will bounce off of them beautifully during the day and at night the lamp light will dance on them as well, making them pop right off the wall - figuratively speaking. Another collection from Switch Hits that will stand out in any home is the steam punk collection. Steampunk is a style that combines elements of Victorian fashion with images from the Industrial Revolution for a look that is both elegant and edgy. Big How has some tips to get you started decorating your steampunk sun room. 

Tidy up your home with a few helpful hints

It doesn't matter how masterfully designed your home is, how beautiful the wood paneling on your walls is, how edgy the kitchen tiling is, how well the living room furniture blends with the decor or how artistic those leather switch plates are if your house is messy. Being a world-class decorator means being neat and organized over flawlessly matching kitchen fixtures and countertop textures. The details won't shine through the clutter, and that means your careful tailoring of the interior design can be all for naught if it's juxtaposed with a few too many piles of old magazines or loose trinkets. Here are a few tips to help keep your living space spick-and-span from day to day. Defeat dust Dust is a nuisance that can creep into the most difficult-to-clean spaces in a home. From lampshades, to bookshelves, to window blinds and everywhere in between, dust can settle after just a week or two and make your home seem less than well-kept. Luckily, Martha Stewart Living magazine has a few nifty tricks to help keep dust away and clean the places that need a little more maintenance. The magazine suggested using unconventional tools like lint rollers to dust those upholstered lamp shades or other dust-collecting devices. At the same time, a taut piece of hanging linen can keep dust off of the tops of books on bookshelves. When it comes to dust, the cleaning isn't intense, but it's an ongoing task. Remember to check frequently for buildups around the areas guests will see.Don't skimp on cleaning essentials Cleaning a home well starts with having the necessary supplies. Steel wool, bleach, mops, wipes, paper towels, brooms and more are all necessary to tidy up your living space. At the same time, avoid spending money on clumsy high-end vacuums and bulkier cleaning devices. Stick to the basics unless you have a lot of ground to cover. Moreover, the devices are only the beginning. Cleaning liquids and powders are the ongoing expense in home cleaning. Luckily, House Beautiful magazine has a few tips that will keep you from spending a fortune on name-brand cleaners. Mixtures of baking soda and water are perfect for cleaning tile floors. At the same time, mixing in a little ammonia or hydrogen peroxide with water can help strip away soap scum, mildew or stains from countertops, bathroom features and surfaces like marble switch plates or brass door handles. Always research the best kind of solutions for cleaning a particular surface.

How to decorate your bathroom on a budget

Expensive features, tiling and accessories make frugal bathroom decorating a tough task, but you can get quality results for fractions of the price by focusing on a few bathroom basics.Making it match is always in the budget Try your best to evaluate exactly how much you want to spend and make sure that amount is going to allow you to coordinate between all the features in the bathroom and the rest of your house. For instance, the mirror should match the rest of your bathroom layout. A squared sink and bathtub pair best with a square mirror, while a rounded mirror complements an oval sink and bathtub. This rule applies to bathroom fixtures, too. The antique brass faucet and faucet handles should be matched with antique brass light sconces and similar brass switch plates. Try not to buy fixtures that don't match well with other hardware in the bathroom, like the shower head and bathtub faucet. Mixing styles can look interesting and stylish in some places in the house, but you can never go wrong with bathroom features that blend.Greater effort makes decorating affordable There are plenty of cheap tips that make a little go a long way in the bathroom in addition to bathroom switch plates. Try re-tiling a small area, like the space just around the sink. It saves the hassle of applying tile to a whole wall, and it adds style to an otherwise lackluster design. Paint can be used in the same way. Try a decorative stenciling pattern on one of your bathroom walls to save the necessity of repainting the whole room. This has the added benefit of turning a monochromatic bathroom into a more exciting space, and it gives home decorators a chance to use a little creativity in their design. Stencil whatever you'd like - just make sure it looks clean and well-drawn. Accessories go a long way Don't overlook the value of a few  inexpensive accessories. Things like decorative bath mats, colorful towels, new towel racks or a more stylish shower curtain can go a very long way. Switch out those dull outlet covers for something flashier or more elegant. Add a hanging painting on the wall to give the space a little character. Even try putting a potted plant on vacant sink counter space to liven up the area and make it seem more welcoming.

How to design the perfect patio

For homeowners looking to expand the amount of livable space their homes offer, adding a patio may be the perfect fix, but it can be a looming task for decorators jumping into it without a game plan. Decorating a patio is much different than decorating the interior of your home, and there are a few important things to think about before getting down to business.How does your patio fit into your home? It's important to evaluate how your patio fits into the rest of your home. Figuring that part out starts with location. If your patio begins just outside your doorway, it's a good idea to try blending your interior with the outer space. Try using a similar floor design or a similar pattern or theme of outdoor furniture. Make the indoor space flow into the outdoor space so you're just as comfortable outside as you are inside. On the other hand, if your patio is far away from the house, it'd be a great opportunity to use other elements to mark the difference. Incorporate plants and use the surrounding nature to really set the space apart. It's also a perfect excuse to build a fire pit so you can use the area even on those chilly fall nights.What materials should you use? Whether your patio is under an awning or you're out in the sunshine, you should always buy materials made for the outdoors. Outdoor furniture can be just as neat and cozy as indoor furniture. There are plenty of weatherproof rugs, chairs, tables, couches and pillows to choose from if you look in the right places. Try looking at some designs from Houzz to fuel your imagination. If you're lucky enough to have some outdoor lighting or even an outdoor fireplace that uses electricity, use a durable and decorative switch plate  that suits the space. There's a whole collection of outdoor designs that can match your area perfectly.


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