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Create a genuine antique feel for a classy room

Antique feelGenuine antiques are often gorgeous and have an undeniable appeal, but they can be expensive. Instead, try using items that mimic the look of antiques in terms of style and craftsmanship, or even restore older items that are in poor condition to create the same cultured look.Mix your antique items with new ones While many people may be antique purists, you can easily mix old and new pieces together, especially if your antiques are modern renditions of classic styles. Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested using a vintage or reproduction dining room table surrounded by modern chairs. The two styles will complement each other well, and you can add other accessories, like switch plates and old framed items, to create another layer of antique decorations.Combine rooms If you have a small home or just like to mix your pleasures, combining rooms can be a great way to implement antiques into your decor. Country Living magazine featured a beautiful room that was both a library and dining area. Simply by installing shelving on the sides of the doorway, the room immediately took on a brand new air while still being perfectly functional for gathering to eat.You can use old-fashioned mahogany wood for the shelving and match it to a solid wood table to create a material theme. Try adding other wood pieces in the same room, like picture frames and end tables, to create the vintage vibes. Match this with some verdigris switch plates and other metal wall items to make the entire room have a weathered, perfectly aged look.Show heirlooms that represent your own history When it comes to decor, family items have always been a tradition. Try hanging old photos of grandparents and other relatives. They'll look distinguished and serve the double purpose of making the room feel refined and giving you a way to remember your elders. The same goes for decorations other than pictures as well - antique kitchen ware can become wall decorations, while old college degrees can work in the office or study.One of the best parts about antiques is that nobody needs to know where they came from. You can easily mix purchases from high-end vintage stores and ones from thrift shops without your guests knowing the difference, so feel free to grab whatever catches your eye.

Go for gold with your decor

Gold is goodGold is the color of the first place prize for a reason. This color has long been tied to an inimitable value and shine ever since the material was first discovered. You can use the color gold to give your home a truly recognizable gleam that will dazzle your friends and family alike with these tips.Not just about the money It's clear that gold is associated with money and power, yet it still has the ability to be more artistic than anything else. Everything from ancient cathedrals to masterpiece paintings have used gold leaf to bring out an immutable glow in certain works. Try using a wallpaper with inlaid gold leaf to bring some extra shine to your home, or, if you like to do it yourself, you could even try painting your own gold accents. For a remarkable room, consider having a mural done by hand on the wall - this style may be harder to come by, but that makes it all the more special.You'll want to match your gold walls, and no color matches gold better than gold itself. Try using a gold mirror, picture frame or switch plate to match the tones of your wall. You can also do just the opposite and use gold accessories to accentuate other parts of the room, noted Shelterness.Use gold to bring out other colors If you have a room that's dark brown or even black, gold can be the perfect choice to break up that lack of color. A bright gold accessory can bring new light into your home that needs it, so be sure to implement this color wherever the energy is lacking. This can be as easy as hanging a new item on the wall, or even a collection of them that all share this exciting color. A group of similar switch plates can become their own motif that you can echo throughout the house.Go with fabrics to underscore the tone HGTV noted that gold looks great on walls and is equally divine when used for fabrics. Nothing has the same appeal as hanging gold curtains. These will look marvelous in any room, especially a dining area with genuine wood furniture and chairs. With a gold tassel added in, you can truly create a palace in your home.


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