World's Largest Selection of Decorative Switch Plates

Decorating outdoor space for spring? Think Cafe de Paris.

Late winter is the perfect time for California Dreaming - or even Parisian Dreaming - if you have a deck or patio yearning for spring.Since it's always better to start with a theme, why not go to the sidewalk cafes of the Left Bank for inspiration? Just about anything that works there, in terms of lighting and decorating, can work in your home's outdoor annex just as well.Buy bistro table and cafe chairs  You might start by borrowing a wonderful idea from the French - cafe seating, with cafe chairs clustered around two or more bistro tables, assuming you have enough space. If not, you'll get great results, plus a feeling of intimacy, with a single table and two chairs. EzineArticles pointed out that you can simulate a charming cafe in almost any outdoor space, from balconies and patios to concrete slabs and patches of dirt. It's the romance, not the real estate, that counts.Then give it a personal touch: Buy tables first, then add chairs, bar stool or benches.Real Simple magazine recommended choosing the furniture carefully, beginning with wrought iron, a sturdy material that stands up to wind and weather gracious and does look, after all, authentically Parisian, and quoted Ashleigh Kosin, owner of Bell Tower Outdoor Living Company, about how to keep the pieces looking new. "Purchase touch-up paint when you buy wrought iron," he advised. That way, you can give the seams a bit of care as the season begins and ends, minimizing the chance of rust.Plant for perfection Your location, season and the hardiness of various plans will determine what you can do, but plants generate an atmosphere that is downright healthy, just as they do in a home or restaurant.HGTV opted for punctuating a porchful of plants with a floral rug in shades of green and yellow. Add a cart, fill it with plants and candles, and let the romance -or relaxation - begin.Light up the night Better Homes and Gardens magazine identified some truly brilliant ideas for lighting decks and patios, beginning with blending deck lighting with screens. Not only does this give you more quality time outdoors, but wiring outdoor lights to decorative screens adds subtle illumination, ideally similar to a full moon.Another small but stunning improvement is to replace standard switch plates and outlet covers with your choice from an assortment decorative versions, with themes and colors that add just the right touch, no matter where you live.


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