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Decorating ideas for welcoming spring, one snowflake at a time

Depending on where you live, today's weather may be unbearably cold and snowy: All the more reason to touch up your living space for an upcoming celebration of spring.HGTV relayed a number of ways to welcome spring, many of which you can begin well before the season actually arrives. The key is to go green, and emerald is the color of the year. Begin with the dining room If you're up for hanging a bit of wallpaper - even if it's just a single wall - a brightly colored wallpaper in a formal dining room can add the natural appeal of green and brilliant tomato red hues to make late winter and early spring meals just that much warmer. Top the wallpaper with an eye-catching switch plate or decorative plug cover, and you have a refreshing new look.Whatever you do, think fresh: Set out bowls of raw fruit, sweeten with an arrangement or bud vase of cut flowers and, if you enjoy ripe brie or camembert, place an attractive wedge in a cheese dome on the table. Finish with a bright table topper - buy one or make one from a length of any fabric that catches your fancy. While you're at it, buy several different fabrics so you can change the look as often as you change your mood.Move on to living areas The living room is another area that could use the blessings of spring, and it doesn't require an expensive transformation. House Beautiful magazine suggested piling on the pillows generously, choosing a range of colors and shapes. There's no need to replace furniture at substantial cost if you can replace pillows at minimal cost.Real Simple magazine emphasized that if you have a fairly basic sofa and arm chairs, you can actually change the theme of the room, from, say, traditional to modern, with an astute choice of throw pillows. The magazine quoted T. Keller Donovan, an interior designer in New York City and Miami on the number of pillows: Arrange an odd number, such as three or five, rather than more traditional pairs, and choose larger pillows over smaller ones. "Too much punctuation," is the way Donovan described a wild jumble of pillows.The magazine also interviewed Andrew Flesher, interior designer with Gunkelman Flesher Interior Design in Minneapolis, on the subject of fabrics, and he commented that large geometric prints on smooth, tightly woven fabrics such as cotton and linen work well in a modern environment. His basic advice about choosing colors could apply to virtually any room:"Pull them from a piece of art that's in the room," he commented, and work with it.


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