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How to add magic to a young child's room

The same premise that makes Disney World so special is one you can use in decorating a room for a young boy or girl.It's magic. Surprisingly, with a little creativity, that magic can be achieved enjoyably and without great effort or expense.HGTV devoted several articles to the subject, and the result is a wealth of ideas you can adapt for your home, even if the budget is limited. Home decorators at HGTV recommended you consider creating a miniature art gallery - actually a wall of artwork. Begin with a colorful bedspread and carry the colors to the wall of gallery-style art. Your little one may even be old enough to help you select the "artworks" from flea markets and craft shops. It's enjoyable, it's inexpensive and there are no wrong choices.Imagine a timeline Another approach is to use the child's actual photo images and build a photo timeline showing little Courtney as a newborn in her brother's arms, a 1-year-old celebrating Christmas and a 5-year-old on the steps of her kindergarten. The possibilities are endless, since you can add to or redo the wall as the child grows to adulthood, blending old and new and keeping it fresh, relevant and fun.Add a reading nook Real Simple magazine introduced a school-days theme with built-in seating for sharing books with your child any time - not just bedtime. Large cubbies store books efficiently and attractively, and recycled school lockers can hide items of all sizes that would otherwise occupy floor space - and not so attractively.If your child is a Winnie the Pooh fan, you can even add a special switch plate to the wall, or choose from a wide array of decorative switch plates with animal and sports themes.You can display your child's own artwork, masterpieces all, by hanging them on wire you can string from wall to wall for a practical, affordable alternative to tape or nails. Promote play Bedrooms aren't just for sleeping, and Real Simple shared ideas for making the space playful as well. You can design a play area using a low table with storage drawers beneath for clothes for dress-up, blocks for building castles and masks for creating scary characters. The magazine even identified toys you can make, including a sailboat fashioned from a milk carton and a barn made of cardboard, toothpicks and popsicle sticks, accompanied by horses from wine corks and sheep from of balls of yarn.Inspiring your little one's imagination - now that's magic.


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