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The tray's the thing: Small decorating projects can make a huge impact

Small decorating changes often make an enormous impact, and you can use trays to do just that, easily and inexpensively.According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, the satisfaction of do-it-yourself decorating is that you can personalize your room, apartment or condo with DIY touches that make over a living space without the time or budget requirements of a full-scale remodeling job.Tray the walls One such project involves using trays on your walls to perform the same function as artwork, which is to add appealing and visually interesting accents to a space.You can wall-mount an assortment of silverplated serving trays, for example, in any way you like, perhaps accenting the look with complementary plain or fancy metal switch plates and plug covers. The trays themselves should not cost much since there's no need to buy them new. Instead, comb the thrift shops, garage sales and free item ads for the trays you find most engaging. That won't be difficult, since many people received them for wedding gifts, only to find them marginally useful as they downsize or eliminate clutter from their homes.Another great decorating tool is a printer tray, also known as type tray, used by printers of old to store various typefaces. These are typically not very deep, but they come in all sizes and allow you to showcase memorabilia like match book covers, small toy cars - perhaps representing the Mercedes you plan to own one day - and seashells or other items that hold meaning for you. To keep items from spilling out, if that's a concern, just cover with a sheet of Plexiglas, easily installed with a drill and screwdriver.Top the tables Silverplated trays were, after all, meant to sit tabletop, and their charm and reflective nature make them an ideal base for a colorful vase of flowers, a grouping of candles or a collection of small framed photos. When it comes to using trays on tables, think centerpiece. Country Living magazine suggested filling apothecary jars with pinecones for a striking centerpiece. Not only is it a no-wilt version of the cut flowers option, but it is not strictly a holiday centerpiece: It can reside peacefully all year long, with jars of various sizes adding interest. Set on a tray, they have the cohesiveness of a single item.Instead of putting fruit in a bowl, you can top the dining table or kitchen counter with a wooden tray topped with a scattering of pears, apples and oranges - any colorful fruit that your family enjoys.


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