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Dazzle guests immediately with an elegant entryway

Focusing on the living room, dining room and kitchen is immensely important for homeowners who often host guests, but the real interior expert knows that the foyer sets the groundwork for the rest of the home. Committing an entryway error can mean giving new guests the wrong impression the moment they're invited inside. Instead, use your foyer to portray the elegance present in every other room of your house or apartment. Necessary accessories There are several functional and classy foyer items that are used by entryway professionals that you can use, too. A few little accessories make all the difference in your home's front room. A mirror is one critical element of the entryway.A mirror can liven up a barren wall or open up a smaller foyer space, and it has the added benefit of showing you what you look like just before going out into the world. It's a must for people who pride themselves on always looking their best. Almost all interior decorators hate the idea of leaving shoes lying around in the front room, but for homes with expensive rugs just outside of the foyer, leaving shoes at the door is non-negotiable. That's why incorporating a sophisticated shoe shelf can relieve a lot of stress for homeowners. Buy a shoe shelf that is small but has enough space to accommodate house guests. Diehard decorators can invest in a shoe shelf with a door to hide the mass of footwear. It can be a bit of an eyesore.Artwork adds style The entryway is a perfect place to show off a bit of artwork to give guests a sense of your space and add a feeling of Zen and introspection before perusing the rest of your home. Try putting an small sculpture on a table against the wall or put a favorite painting near the doorway. Whatever you choose, make sure the piece says something about yourself or the rest of your home.Don't be afraid to be a little artsy with other features in the front room, too. Use a different, more elegant interior front door handle or use a unique switch plate for the light switch just on the other side of the door. Expertly changing switch plate styles in the foyer can show your true entryway genius. Use a nature themed switch plate for the porch light or try and match it to the exterior of the house. At the same time, use a more decorative or fancier switch plate for the switch that controls the interior lights. Mixing styles is both functional and classy in this context. Your guests won't ever have to ask which switch controls what, and the attention to detail is sure to catch their eye.


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