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Create joyful bedrooms that please both teens and adults

Sometimes it seems that adults and their teenage children have little in common, but both share a love of comfortable, happy spaces.Where you live - not just the town or the street, but the space - makes a huge difference in your outlook on life, and you can make a happy space anywhere. House Beautiful magazine shared some gleeful ideas for incorporating happiness into bedroom decorating.Accent with orange pillow shams and a bedspread, suggested designer Susan Noble Jones, referring to the master bedroom in a cottage in New Orleans."Orange is warm and bright, and those attributes, to me, equal happiness," she noted.Get in the groove, added Katie Maine of Maine Design, who transformed an ordinary attic space into a much-treasured teenage refuge."It would have been a sad little attic-like space if we didn't make an effort to turn it into a super-groovy teenage girl's room. To make the room seem bright, we added skylights and printed the wallpaper on Mylar to reflect the light around."Begin with the bed House Beautiful also looked at the focal point of the bedroom - the bed - and identified some cheerful improvements. Sara Ruffin Costello, a New York interior designer who moved to New Orleans, share her expertise on ways to transform a bedroom by redecorating a bed. In one Louisiana home, she opted for a somewhat disheveled approach."It's more romantic, a little sexier than a perfectly made bed ... The linen sheets are unironed, the duvet and blanket are a bit rumpled, the pillows tossed in an imprecise pile - perfectly imperfect!" she remarked.Real Simple magazine presented other ideas for making the bed inviting and relaxing, including using nature-inspired patterns on the bedspread. A printed bedspread is almost always a traffic-stopper and can set the tone for the entire room.Light well and romantically Real Simple offered guidelines for lighting bedrooms as well, beginning with the theme: cozy, warm and cocoon-like.Lighting sources should coexist with the bed but not be focused on it, and track fixtures should be pointed at the dressing area instead. Bedrooms offer plenty of options for gracious lamps for reading or wall sconces with flickering electric candles that frame the bed on each side. Bedrooms are also the perfect spaces for dimmer switches, which may be accented by decorative switch plates and outlet covers that extend the thematic and romantic appeal.


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