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Melt your stress away in a redesigned bathroom

It happens to everyone - a particularly bad day that requires some form of relaxation therapy. Chances are, you do this by going home and taking a bath surrounded by scented candles. If you often find yourself using the bathroom as an oasis, it may be time to optimize the space as a serene sanctuary. Now's the perfect time to take advantage of the warm weather and start an exciting new project that'll keep your home looking fresh for spring.Know what colors are relaxing Start with the biggest design element that'll directly affect the room's atmosphere - the paint. House Beautiful magazine suggested several ones that'll help your stress melt away in no time. Good choices include pastel shades such as light yellows, soft pinks and grayish purples. However, two that stand out include a yellowish green with a touch of blue and a deep brownish red. The type of paint you choose will depend on the atmosphere that you're looking to establish.Lighter shades that are found in nature can help soothe you after a long day at work. It can lead you to focus on all the wonderful activities that you plan to do during the weekend, or reflect on a particularly great one that you recently experienced. Getting your mind off of the things that stress you out will allow you to return to a much better state of mind, even if the issues that are bugging you aren't yet fully resolved. Being more relaxed after a long soak in the tub will ensure that you return to the situation with a clear mind.According to Freshome, the effect can be enhanced by deepening the shade of paint. Additionally, featuring a color that you look great in can help improve your mood, especially in the morning when you're looking at yourself in the mirror. In contrast, avoid colors that you know aren't flattering for you. Find a small focal point You don't want your bathroom to be too distracting, so a decorative switch plate is the perfect focal point. Don't overlook this everyday functional item as an opportunity to design. Intricate switch plates such as handcrafted pewter or shabby chic can help you forget about your worries, while whimsical designs and images can make you smile at the end of a particularly trying day. 

How to transform your dining room this spring

The arrival of spring and summer means that it's time to stash away the dark-colored decor of fall and winter and bring out pieces that feature bright hues. But why stop there? Welcome the warm weather and long days by taking on a large interior design project, such as revamping the dining room. Though you'll spend plenty of time hosting outdoor parties, the dining room is where your family is most likely to sit down and enjoy a nightly meal together. Take this opportunity to brighten up the space and create an exciting new atmosphere that friends and family members will love.Assess your lighting Dim lighting setups may work well in romantic restaurants, but it's likely not ideal for your personal purposes. Leave the semi-gloominess to retail food venues and opt for a brighter atmosphere. You can do this by purchasing new light bulbs for your existing fixtures. Or, if you're looking for a more serious change, you can invest in new fixtures altogether. If you've ever wanted to add some elegance to your dining room, this is the perfect opportunity to purchase a small chandelier, which comes in traditional and modern designs.Want to further boost the wow factor in the dining room? Have an electrician install dimmers on your lights. This way, you can enjoy an intimate meal with your partner but also be able to host brightly lit dinner parties. Don't let this great feature go unnoticed - find a decorative switch plate that's as unique as your redesigned room. Enhance a traditional look by selecting a metal switch plate. There's plenty of texture to be found in these models, such as hammered, stamped, tarnished and others. Featuring a modern vibe? Worry not, there are covers that'll add to your design, including ones made of street signs, tree bark and more.Repaint your walls Complete the project by selecting new paint for your dining room. Don't just cover everything in a single shade. Exercise your creativity and explore different patterns - look to your decorative switch plate for inspiration!Alternatively, you can offset the primary color by adding a wide stripe of a secondary hue throughout the room, suggested HGTV. This will allow the light to create interesting shadows, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for any gatherings that the dining room may host.

Make your basement the ultimate party space

If you love hosting parties but find that you don't have enough space or are constantly having to move your furniture around to accommodate a large number of partygoers, it may be time to move the festivities downstairs. Many basements are used for storage or as an additional family room. However, if the space isn't getting much use, changing it into a space for social gatherings will allow you to make the most out of this great room. Any extra pieces of furniture that are being stored there can stay. In fact, chances are that you'll be adding more fixtures rather than having to remove any.Figure out what you need Knowing exactly what types of furniture your new party room needs depends on the usual type of get-together you host at your house. Does everybody gather to watch a sporting event on television? Is it a wine and cheese dinner party? Are they weekly movie nights featuring the latest blockbusters? All of these require their own sort of decor, so plan carefully before purchasing additional fixtures.A relatively small piece that goes a long way in establishing your room's atmosphere is the switch plate. Consider this: Many homeowners simply keep whatever covers came with the home when they bought it. Why overlook this opportunity to customize your basement? You and your house can stand out by simply personalizing this everyday item. Establish a theme Regardless of what sporting events you and your friends may watch, there's a collection of switch plates that'll fit your needs. From football to golf, everyone will know what sort of gatherings take place in the basement. Looking for covers that tie back to wine and cheese parties? Purchase a switch plate with organic designs that look vine-like in nature. There are many of these in varying materials, including tarnished copper, ceramic, brass and more. Need one that's eye-catching but not too distracting for movie nights? Look for switch plates that have a matte finish. This way, you can still boast personalization of the space without having any reflective surfaces become distractions during the movie viewing.Use the switch plate as a source of inspiration for the other design elements in the room. Keep the setting cohesive by exploring different shades of the same color or echo the shapes in the switch plate. 

How to decorate your bathroom on a budget

Expensive features, tiling and accessories make frugal bathroom decorating a tough task, but you can get quality results for fractions of the price by focusing on a few bathroom basics.Making it match is always in the budget Try your best to evaluate exactly how much you want to spend and make sure that amount is going to allow you to coordinate between all the features in the bathroom and the rest of your house. For instance, the mirror should match the rest of your bathroom layout. A squared sink and bathtub pair best with a square mirror, while a rounded mirror complements an oval sink and bathtub. This rule applies to bathroom fixtures, too. The antique brass faucet and faucet handles should be matched with antique brass light sconces and similar brass switch plates. Try not to buy fixtures that don't match well with other hardware in the bathroom, like the shower head and bathtub faucet. Mixing styles can look interesting and stylish in some places in the house, but you can never go wrong with bathroom features that blend.Greater effort makes decorating affordable There are plenty of cheap tips that make a little go a long way in the bathroom in addition to bathroom switch plates. Try re-tiling a small area, like the space just around the sink. It saves the hassle of applying tile to a whole wall, and it adds style to an otherwise lackluster design. Paint can be used in the same way. Try a decorative stenciling pattern on one of your bathroom walls to save the necessity of repainting the whole room. This has the added benefit of turning a monochromatic bathroom into a more exciting space, and it gives home decorators a chance to use a little creativity in their design. Stencil whatever you'd like - just make sure it looks clean and well-drawn. Accessories go a long way Don't overlook the value of a few  inexpensive accessories. Things like decorative bath mats, colorful towels, new towel racks or a more stylish shower curtain can go a very long way. Switch out those dull outlet covers for something flashier or more elegant. Add a hanging painting on the wall to give the space a little character. Even try putting a potted plant on vacant sink counter space to liven up the area and make it seem more welcoming.

Decorate a small apartment like a pro

Sprucing up a small living space can be difficult and frustrating. Furniture is often too large. Appliances are cramped together and hard to move. The space's size can be unsettling at times, and making the rooms look well laid-out and neat can be challenging.There are plenty of tips decorators can capitalize on to make the best use of their space and open up a room that's on the smaller side . Here are just a few to help turn that little apartment into a big hit.Lighting can work wonders Whether you're renting or living in an apartment long term, you're not stuck with the lights built into your apartment. Adding lamps and wall-mounted sconces that don't need hardwiring can make any room more welcoming. According to designer Ron Marvin from "Small Space, Big Style," lights are the perfect tool for making smaller areas more inviting and livable. Try softening the light by adding shades to any open bulbs. Make the shades or lamps match the switch plates for a truly comprehensive look. Pick the right furniture Many homeowners get into the habit of decorating for guests, but what's the point of that when you're the one roaming your apartment every day? Decorate for yourself first and foremost. That means buying furniture that's important to you. Don't waste space with a desk if you rarely use one outside of work, and don't sacrifice an area for a dining room table where a dining nook can accomplish the same effect. Here are a few other tips for picking the right furniture:Translucent chairs and glass tabletops can do wonders to open up a spaceTry and match the proportions of your apartment (oversized furniture actually makes rooms seem smaller)Functionality is more important than decorative yet cumbersome featuresBetter Homes and Gardens magazine suggested imagining your apartment as an empty canvas before placing any furnitureDrawing up a floor plan and measuring furniture can save a great amount of time and effort. Use wall space effectively Floating shelves, mirrors and mounted televisions all serve to give you more space to roam, more places for storage and more peace of mind. Don't clutter your walls, but try to utilize empty wall space as much as possible. Mirrors open up the environment and make rooms seem more spacious. A matching mirrored switch plate can help open the area, too. Floating shelves are compact, sleek and perfect for stacking. Plus, they offer valuable space for knickknacks and other items. Mounted televisions have the dual advantage of clearing tabletop space and turning the vacant walls into centerpieces.

Decorating tips for a mini makeover at a paltry price

While some remodeling projects can be costly, decorating can be strictly do-it-yourself if you're on a budget.Sure, new flooring or roofing or remodeling entire rooms can be expensive, but you can often give your home a mini makeover at a price ranging from low to free. The key is to use little things to make a big impact. For example, unexpected touches like three-dimensional switch plates or decorative plug covers give style in an otherwise ordinary spot.You're limited only by your own creativity, but following are some bright ideas that can help you start brainstorming on your own. Real Simple magazine offered an adorable and versatile idea for using cubbies, in various heights and facing front, to make side tables for displays and lighting. Inside the cubbies, the sky's the limit: Try bowls of fruit or holiday ornaments, sculptures or bits of history - anything that expresses your personality and makes you feel good.Begin at home Eclectic is always in style, and decorating in that vein lets you group any number of items in any way you like. Better Homes and Gardens magazine advised starting with what you have - a truly economical approach. Comb your cellar, attic or storage space for heirlooms and curiosities that add some spice to a shelf or table top, or scour the flea markets for antique toys or vintage fabrics.The secret is to use just a few of these keepsakes to minimize clutter and accentuate charm.Use this, not that House Beautiful magazine detailed its own array of low-cost decorating tips, such as replacing your bathmat with a real rug, your coffee table with a tray-topped ottoman and your empty corner with a potted tree. As for lighting, layered is better and four lamps trump two, since you need ambient light for mood and direct light for reading. According to House Beautiful, you should love your closets. Paint them, paper them and hang pictures in them. And definitely light them.Look locally Country Living magazine highlighted a wall's worth of wildflowers, pressed by a local artist, in the center hall of an antebellum Georgia house. Below the wildflowers, a salvaged church pew strewn with pillows sewn from turn-of-the-century grain sacks showed a most charming expression of local history.Why not try hunting for collectibles in your town? Half the fun is finding little under-appreciated gems, and you can have a great time exploring local shops, craft shows and yard sales. And don't neglect online sites like and, where one person's trash can be another person's treasure.

Simple ways to create a rustic-looking home

Are you interested in getting new switch plates for your home and changing up your decor, but you're not down with the modern look? If so, you're not alone. There are many people out there who are not fond of the so-called "modern" look, since it often involves a lot of black and white and stainless steel. If you're the kind of person who is more interested in having a rustic feel to your home, then you're in luck, because this look never went out of style and is still popular today.  Recently, the San Angelo Standard-Times quoted a number of design experts who explained fun ways to give your home a rustic look. For example, HGTV Magazine's Sara Peterson explained that garlands are very popular lately, and they have a real rustic feel to them. She added that while you can purchase garlands to place throughout your home, all you need is stamp kits, swatches of fabric and felt, and some wool to create your own.  Furthermore, another simple way to help your home look more rustic is to incorporate some plaid into it. Whether it's a plaid throw blanket for your couch or a new plaid tablecloth for the dining room, there are many simple ways to bring this pattern into your decor.  More ways to go rustic Country Living magazine stated that one great way to bring a rustic aesthetic into your home is to replace the faucet in your kitchen with an antique iron hand pump, which can be very beautiful. However, if this seems a bit drastic to you, then you may opt for adding some more wood to your decor. For example, if you're considering re-doing parts of your kitchen, skip out on the tradition granite countertops that seem to be so popular these days, and go for wood instead.  Antique stores are a great place to shop for rustic accessories for your home. One thing Country Living magazine recommended looking for were old rug beaters, which are very interesting looking and can be hung on walls throughout the house. Antique coffee tables are also a must-have for any home. Finally, old paintings of chickens, cows and other farm animals are a fun and quirky addition to any rustic home. 


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