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Tips for making your kid's room fit for a superhero

As a parent, you're familiar with classic superheroes. It's no secret that these beloved characters have made a monumental comeback, and chances are your kid loves them.If your little one has been running around wearing masks and saving various members of the household day after day, why not embrace his or her imaginative play and redecorate his or her bedroom? Figure out his or her favorite superheroes By now, you're well aware of your kid's favorite characters, so look into the distinctive icons that each crime fighter wears and figure out the best way to incorporate them into the room's design - should they be on the wall, on the linens or on storage bins as featured on Remodelaholic? You can also feature the superheroes themselves throughout the room as supporting characters for your young one's play. Once you find the right sidekicks for your kid, consider these tips for the ultimate superhero room.Establish the setting: Being a superhero means having to cover a lot of ground around the city. Design one corner to be the secret hideout where he or she can monitor radio transmissions for signs of trouble. Consider placing this near the closet, where your child can change into his or her superhero outfit. Make the rest of the room a cityscape that your little hero can roam and protect. Look at the details: It's the small items around the room that'll really set up the environment. Therefore, change out the switch plates to fit in with the superhero theme. The sci-fi and fantasy collection speaks to your kid's sense of wonder, while the steampunk collection can tie back to a crafty sidekick. Outlet covers that help protect your little one don't have to be detrimental to the design. Look for themed covers that enhance the decor!Touch up some photos: Further bolster your kid's imagination by asking him or her  to pose with his or her favorite superhero props and taking photos. You can adjust the images to make them look as if they came straight out of comic books, which you and your kid will love showing off to visitors.Imagination is a big part of your little one's life, and encouraging it through a superhero bedroom will allow you to take on a fun project that both of you will enjoy.

Embrace your kids' independence by letting them design their rooms

It was bound to happen at some point - your kids are growing up and all that hard work you put into designing their nursery seems like it was all for nothing now that they're asking to redecorate the space. Rather than take it personally, view it as an opportunity to embrace your kids' increasing sense of independence. Personalizing their rooms is one of the biggest steps in growing up, so allow them to exercise their creativity. Lend a helping hand Show your support by offering to help out. Though your kids may be hesitant at first, tell them to consider the fact that you designed all the other rooms in the home. Let them know that you're not looking to take over the project, but simply want to provide some advice for starters and the different directions that their ideas can go in. You're giving them more options, not limiting them.After all, your kids are most likely going to need your assistance in getting to the local hardware store to look for paint. Walk them through the process of selecting a color for the walls, from selecting swatches to bringing them home and seeing how they look in the daylight and at night. Some retailers may even allow you to take some samples to try out at home. Consider new hardware What better way to let your kids exhibit their creativity than by letting them decide on the details of the room, such as the hardware? See if they want to change the doorknobs or switch plates and outlet covers. These small details can really make the room unique, and you can rest assured knowing that they'll love showing them off to their friends. These are often overlooked in other homes, so your kids will be more than happy to customize the ones in their rooms.Regardless of what their interests are, there are decorative switch plates that'll fit the bill. From steam punk designs to glow-in-the-dark switch plates, the problem won't be finding the right models, it'll be deciding on a single one!Luckily, they can explore other designs on the outlet covers. These small items may not seem like much, but they're frequently used and therefore shouldn't be overlooked. Your kids will smile every time they turn the lights on or off or charge a device.

Create the perfect home art studio

Every artist needs a space in which he or she can think, work and, above all, create art. Turning one of your rooms into a home art studio can help you maintain focus on your work and provide you with a separate space in which you can sit and wait while inspiration washes over you before spilling onto your canvas. A room with a view                           Your art studio is your fortress of solitude where you meditate on your next project and grow as an artist, so make the space fit your needs. Digs Digs suggested choosing a room with large windows to allow an ample amount of natural light in. Electric lighting is important too for when the days grow shorter or you're working late into the night. Switch Hits' whimsical and fun category has over 100 options to choose from, which gives you plenty of room to find the funk you're looking for. Each of these decorative switch plates has a surreal edge to it, from the fire-breathing dragon to the eccentric interpretation of a sumo wrestler. When friends ask where these outlet covers came from, you'll wish you could say they were your creations! Make it your own                               The Lubbock-Avalanche Journal noted that one of the important things to remember when designing your studio is that it needs a blend of utilitarian and imagination-enriching decor. Mason jars are inexpensive and make great containers for art supplies. You don't need to spend any extra money purchasing jars either. Go fishing in your recycling bin and see what sort of trash you can turn into treasure. Deck out your jar - or whatever you find - with paint or maybe even a collage. See-through jars certainly have their advantages, allowing you to see exactly where your materials are and how much you have left. Shelves are another great place for storage and a perfect space to show off your creativity. Paint them however you'd like and let you personality shine through. Digs Digs also suggested painting the walls white so your work will pop in contrast, allowing you to really pick apart the details and make the masterpiece you were born to make. If you'd like decorative outlet covers that will complement your decor without competing with your art, subdued designs like Mother of pearl or Antigua champagne should do the trick. Whether you're looking to create a colorful creative abstract space or a blank slate of a room, Switch Hits has plenty of decorative outlet covers to help you pull it together.                                                

How to decorate your small bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most frequented areas of a home. If you've got a relatively small space, it can be easy to overlook the opportunity to decorate it. After all, where would you be able to feature any decor? Chances are, you have a relatively small sink with little to no counter space for accent pieces, and it might not seem worthwhile to put up a painting. Make space Though it may seem impossible, there are ways that you can expand your bathroom. Instead of purchasing furniture that takes up a lot of floor space, opt for narrow pieces that boast height. For example, a set of shelves with many levels will give you plenty of space to store various sundries. Certain tiers can even be dedicated solely to decor.Installing long shelves on the wall is an easy and cheap do-it-yourself project that'll give your space more dimension. Instead of hanging up paintings, you can simply place them on the shelves. This gives your bathroom a more casual, welcoming atmosphere.Don't overlook design Despite the size of your bathroom, there are many opportunities to personalize the space. Start with an essential fixture that won't go unnoticed - the light switch plate. Household residents and visitors use this every time they step into the bathroom, so why keep the outlet cover that came with the home? Make it your own by selecting one that speaks to your personality and style, whether it's steampunk, fancy chic or wired and jeweled pieces. Show everyone your interior design skills by carrying designs from these outlet covers into other parts of the bathroom. A tile frame around the mirror is the perfect way to balance out the eye-catching switch plate. Feature big changes Make sure your redesign project doesn't go unnoticed by repainting the wall. There are many different hues that you can explore. If it's not a full bathroom, warm colors are a possibility, but if there's a tub or shower in the space as well, you might want to opt for cooler, calmer shades such as blue or green. If there are any whimsical designs on the switch plate, you can echo them on the walls. Broad, sweeping designs will invite admiring eyes to travel across the room, ensuring that every little detail you've spent so much time figuring out is appreciated.

Tips for decorating your new home

Textured brassIf you're moving into a new home, the amount of empty space and number of choices to make can be daunting. When there's nothing on the walls and no furniture anywhere, you might feel like you're lacking grounding to begin your decorating. Have no fear, though, because using these tips can help you make the most of your new space.Get rid of old stuff Chances are you've accumulated a lot of stuff - furniture, paintings, posters, accessories - in the time that you've lived in your old home. HGTV noted that one of the most important steps in making your new home a fresh experience is getting rid of a lot of these items. While it may be difficult, anything you don't love can be sold, donated or thrown out. Moving is a great time to lighten the load of your home, which will not only help you greatly when it comes to actually packing and moving in, but will allow you to really start fresh.It'll often be easier to get new items that try to reincorporate old ones that you got specifically for your former home. Try finding entirely new switch plates and accessories. You can be bold and use brass switch plates and other metal items, or go for a gentler look by using lots of natural materials like wood and bamboo. Either way, your new home is a wonderful opportunity to make your new home your own creation, so don't be afraid to leave a few things behind. Don't be too selective about new furniture When it comes to furnishing your new home, you don't need to spend hours finding the perfect piece. With a little bit of work, you can redo an old couch, table or chair into something that will match all the items you've brought with you. Designer Lauren Conrad noted on her blog that cheap furniture outlets like Ikea are great places to find inexpensive pieces that are easily customizable. With a little paint and patience, you can turn an ordinary table and chairs into something fantastic.The same goes with upholstery, too - just a few yards of fabric and some work stitching can make a shabby old chair into something that will fit perfectly into your new home's decor. With tons of colors and patterns to choose from, it'll be sure to match just right. 

Tips for redesigning your teenage son's room

SteampunkDecorating a boy's room can be tricky when it comes to making compromises. The key is to make sure that you allow your teenage son to express himself while still making sure that the space is conducive to good study habits and not just for playing video games. Here are a few tips to make your teen's room strike the right balance.Make sure it has his personal touches Making a teenager's room look good and suit his desires may be tricky, but you just need to work with his interests. A collection of photos from Freshome showed that the cross-collaboration between you as a designer and your son can work out spectacularly. One important step to take is to find out your son's interests.Whether it's music legends, sports stars or classic movie characters, don't be afraid to go for big framed posters as part of the decor. These are often produced by designers with a color scheme in mind, so you'll be able to find one that has both the desired person or character and the colors needed to match the decor.Make the features exciting When it comes to accessories, you'll want to use things that embrace both form and function. Think touch lamps and desks with lots of storage to help your son keep organized. Try hanging some steampunk switch plates for a radically different take on typical home design, noted Modern Mom.When it comes to furniture, there are tons of options for a teenager's room. Keep in mind that kids these days don't necessarily like to do work sitting at their desk. Try making the bed or the floor more optimal for getting down to business by adding pullout surfaces. Similar to ones you might find in a kitchen to hold cookbooks, these can turn any space into an area that's ideal for work.Many of the features of a typical room can be changed slightly to make them a little more personal. Try browsing through swatches of carpet, switch plates and other items to find ones that both you and your son agree on. Remember, if you can't come to a consensus, you can always change the room back after he moves out .


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