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Inspire yourself with an office remodel

When you have a home office, it's important to design it properly. It's a space that should inspire you to work, but the decor shouldn't be so creative that it distracts you. So how do you find the perfect balance?Not only do you have to ensure that the room boasts form and function, but you also have to personalize it. After all, it's strictly your space, so it should reflect your personality. Figure out a theme There are many decor options when you're outfitting your home office. Deciding on the color palette, finding the right fixtures and laying out the space will depend on what style you choose. You can never go wrong with the classiness of a traditional look, but you might prefer the flair of modern design. Regardless of which one you decide on, there are plenty of ways to enhance the atmosphere.Go with tried-and-true Want a home office that reflects your executive status? Look no further than a traditional setup. This design is heavy on muted colors, dark woods and supple leather. Start the design by investing in decor that'll set up the overall effect. Bring some elegance to your wall with a dark wood or leather switch plate. Then move your efforts to the floor by purchasing a large Oriental rug. Leather can be featured on armchairs and in desk organizers, as featured on HGTV. Include dark woods by investing in the right furniture. If you already have wooden fixtures that aren't dark enough, you can simply sand them down, re-stain them with darker shades and reseal them for protection.Choose a modern look This is where decorating can get tricky. Modern designs call for broad, sweeping lines and loud patterns. Done well, it can be a source of inspiration. However, overdoing any of these elements can undermine your efforts and cause distraction.When featuring this theme, it's important to decorate slowly. Start small but make a big impact by looking at switch plates and outlet covers that scream "modern." From hand-painted covers to photographic models and hammered metals, the possibilities are endless. There's so much creativity to be found in these items that you'll most likely wind up designing the rest of the room around them, and why not, when they're so visually appealing? Use the same material as the one that the switch plates are made out of to create a cohesive space that'll wow everyone.

Tidy up your home with a few helpful hints

It doesn't matter how masterfully designed your home is, how beautiful the wood paneling on your walls is, how edgy the kitchen tiling is, how well the living room furniture blends with the decor or how artistic those leather switch plates are if your house is messy. Being a world-class decorator means being neat and organized over flawlessly matching kitchen fixtures and countertop textures. The details won't shine through the clutter, and that means your careful tailoring of the interior design can be all for naught if it's juxtaposed with a few too many piles of old magazines or loose trinkets. Here are a few tips to help keep your living space spick-and-span from day to day. Defeat dust Dust is a nuisance that can creep into the most difficult-to-clean spaces in a home. From lampshades, to bookshelves, to window blinds and everywhere in between, dust can settle after just a week or two and make your home seem less than well-kept. Luckily, Martha Stewart Living magazine has a few nifty tricks to help keep dust away and clean the places that need a little more maintenance. The magazine suggested using unconventional tools like lint rollers to dust those upholstered lamp shades or other dust-collecting devices. At the same time, a taut piece of hanging linen can keep dust off of the tops of books on bookshelves. When it comes to dust, the cleaning isn't intense, but it's an ongoing task. Remember to check frequently for buildups around the areas guests will see.Don't skimp on cleaning essentials Cleaning a home well starts with having the necessary supplies. Steel wool, bleach, mops, wipes, paper towels, brooms and more are all necessary to tidy up your living space. At the same time, avoid spending money on clumsy high-end vacuums and bulkier cleaning devices. Stick to the basics unless you have a lot of ground to cover. Moreover, the devices are only the beginning. Cleaning liquids and powders are the ongoing expense in home cleaning. Luckily, House Beautiful magazine has a few tips that will keep you from spending a fortune on name-brand cleaners. Mixtures of baking soda and water are perfect for cleaning tile floors. At the same time, mixing in a little ammonia or hydrogen peroxide with water can help strip away soap scum, mildew or stains from countertops, bathroom features and surfaces like marble switch plates or brass door handles. Always research the best kind of solutions for cleaning a particular surface.

Designers around the country spot new trends in color, accessories, window treatments

Home decorating magazines aren't the only places to find interesting angles and helpful tips: For regional trends, you might want to check local and national newspapers.Simple and natural The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported sightings of practical and renewable designs and a "less is more" mindset, and talked to award-winning Austin designer Pablo Solomon, who encouraged an uncluttered approach focusing on quality, not quantity, in selecting furnishings, artwork and floor coverings.Natural is always in style, and this season you can integrate pillows embellished with feathers and lamps adorned with faux gems, along with tall plants and pots of herbs, into any decorating motif.Bold and blush - and white For the Santa Fe New Mexican, no report of trendy styles would be complete without a discussion of contrasts, in color and furnishings. Designer Brian Patrick Flynn pointed to the return to the 1980s' use of soft pinks - blush tones - that he likes to combine with bold, masculine accents. He told the paper that he contrasts his favorite blush paint with navy blue."The deep, rich personality of the navy actually washes out the blush, almost causing it to look white, and the overall effect is fresh and gorgeous," he stated.For other designers, white itself is back in fashion. Los Angeles designer Betsy Burnham told the Santa Fe New Mexican that white is back in a big way."I used to think white walls looked unfinished," she admitted. "But I've completely come around on this one, because white is the ultimate palette cleanser. It gives every space - even the most traditional - a modern edge, and sets the stage wonderfully for layers of color in upholstery, accessories, area rugs and art."Decor: Anything you want it to be The Wall Street Journal spoke with interior designers about the key trends for 2014, and identified several that were rather remarkable. One is "books as decor," and San Francisco designer Scot Meacham Wood suggested we shouldn't think of them as reading material at all."It's a statement about not reading," he said, referring to books selected for their matching dust jackets and stacked into a colorful tabletop arrangement.Decor is no longer defined by draperies, either. Sheer window treatments are taking center stage, designers told the Journal."Everyone wants greater transparency and more light," concluded New York designer Celerie Kemble.She isn't referring to thin polyester versions, however: This year's sheers are in rich linens and wool, and you can add coordinating switch plates and plug covers with a refreshing linen motif.


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