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Creating a fairytale bedroom for your little princess

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place to escape the stresses of the day and to regroup before you have to go out and do it all over again the next day. Kids need their own space just as much as adults, and if you have girl at home who can't get enough of princesses and fairytales, as well as all the mystical creatures that come with them, design a bedroom for her that will make her feel as if she were dropped in the middle of her own tale of adventure and magic. Setting the right tone An amazing paint job can go a long way toward giving the room the look and feel of a magic wonderland, and evoking emotions in the room's occupant that send her imagination running wild. Murals are a perfect way to achieve this effect. How Stuff Works suggests having an enchanted forest painted on the wall of your little lady's room as it's a common theme in fairytales. Castles with tall towers and dungeons, sprawling mountain ranges and fields full of wildflowers will bring the room to life. Throw in some mischievous gnomes and elves peeking out from behind the trees too! Switch Hits' collection of Wooden Animal outlet covers are the perfect addition to any enchanted forest. Let the little one choose from foxes, wolves, frogs, squirrels and much more. She's sure to find  a creature she can happily live with among these choices. Furnishing fits for a queen Once you've figured out the dominating theme for the room, choose furniture that will add to the room's mood. Home Guides points out that canopy beds are a constant presence in movies about princesses and other females of enchanted folklore. The source suggest a tulle canopy to add a whimsical touch to the room. White furniture with gold accents are a nice touch, and wooden chairs or tables in the shape of tree stumps will bring it back around to the enchanted forest theme. Deck the windows out with velvet drapes that your daughter can peer through to keep watch on her kingdom. If velvet is too heavy, try sheer drapes that will allow more light in and give room a more airy ambiance. A mirror is a must-have, and the more elaborate the accents, the better. A gold frame decked out in flowers and garland will add a dramatic touch that will fuel her imagination. Switch Hits' hand crafted pewter decorative outlet covers may seem a bit mature for a young girl, but they'll add an exquisitely regal touch that she's sure to love. 

Make laundry fun with the right decor

House chores probably aren't your favorite pastime, but unfortunately, there's no avoiding them. Laundry might be one of your most dreaded responsibilities - it's tedious and takes more time than you care to spend on it. However, with the right design, the task can be more bearable and perhaps even fun.Of course, the key to making any laundry room more enjoyable is functionality. After all, there are many items that you'll need within arm's reach at any given point, from detergent to fabric softener and dryer sheets. Additionally, you'll want a basket or bag to collect all those socks whose mates have been lost. Let there be light There's no quicker way to make a space look more welcoming than by painting the walls a lighter color. This can be especially beneficial in laundry rooms that don't get any natural light. Don't worry, there are many ways you can brighten up the area without having to install a window.If there's a solid wooden door that leads into the area, considering removing it completely so that it's exposed to light that comes in through the hallway or the next room. If you prefer to have a door, replace the existing one with a model that has glass.Enhance the effect by installing fixtures with reflective surfaces. This can be mirrors, storage containers or switch plates. Sure, the ones that came with your house may be slightly reflective, but why not customize the space? You have with all the other parts of your home. Consider colored glass plates or jeweled ones that will be the envy of all your neighbors.Make it quirky If you're a fan of fun, intricate decor, look no further than steampunk style. These designs hone in on details, and what better way to show off your love than on a functional and fashionable switch plate? Use it as a source of inspiration for the rest of your decor. Copper is a big part of steampunk design, so don't be afraid to invest in items that feature this material. Additionally, these surfaces will help brighten up the overall space. Doing your laundry won't be boring anymore when you're surrounded by steampunk elements. In fact, you might find yourself looking for more items to clean on a frequent basis so you can make the most of the room!

Use color to bring a room to life

Sometimes all a space needs is a creative use of color to add that special flair you're looking for. Neutral hues, vibrant colors, natural palettes, vivid color combinations that draw attention - however you're trying to breathe life into a space, follow some of these tips to help turn your scene into an indoor marvel.It's all about the details Some homeowners think they need to boldly repaint walls and buy new furniture sets to restyle their rooms the way they like. Take a tip from HGTV: sometimes the smallest details can change a room dramatically. Buying colorful accessories like placemats and dish ware can shift a kitchen from bland to bold. A new set of throw pillows can turn a dreary couch into a vivid display and you can feed your inner artist by changing to designer switch plates that add that extra something special where you'd least expect it. You don't always have to drown a room in paint to brighten it up. You'll be surprised how much can change with just a little splash of color.Use combinations Save the monochromatic decorating for the closet. Thinking in combinations is critical. Don't stop with the paint on the wall. Plan it out further. What window pane color will accent the walls? What furniture looks best under those window panes? Does that furniture blend with the plug covers? What about the end tables? Designing in color combinations is instrumental in giving your interior a remarkable look. For some expert examples, try a few recommendations  from House Beautiful magazine. Remember, even subtle changes in color can transform your space entirely.Kick up the color in personal spaces and kids' rooms It's hard to commit a color crime in a children's room. Use that space as an outlet for zany color combinations and a wide array of vibrant hues. Kids' rooms should be fun, friendly and exciting. Don't skimp on the use of colorful accessories, toys and decorations. There's a whole list of colorful switch plates that suit a child's space perfectly. Make the room bright and cozy, and don't be afraid to ask for your child's input. There are few wrong answers when decorating a youngster's living space.In that same vein, there are few mistakes to be made with your personal space. Whether it's your study or your bedroom, eccentric colors and bold combinations are welcome in your personal setting. Use the opportunity to let loose and try a style that isn't seen in the rest of your home. Try using a dark or pale color primarily and use a favorite bright color as an accent. Try a few different options, and see what suits you best.

How minimalism makes less into more

If you like keeping it simple, sleek and organized, minimalist decorating might be right for you. Using empty space, simple patterns, sleek surfaces and straight lines, you can turn a room into a modern masterpiece, all while using the fewest amount of things possible.The benefits of living in a minimalist environment are tremendous, according to Joshua Fields, writer for The Minimalists. For one, time spent cleaning and organizing is reduced to just minutes, Fields noted in an article about his living space."I used to spend eight hours at a time cleaning my big, three-bedroom suburban house, vacuuming and mopping the floors, dusting every surface and knickknack," Field wrote. "But my current apartment takes less than 45 minutes to clean, including mopping and scrubbing the bathroom."Not only that, but Fields believes the minimalist environment is therapeutic. "The biggest fringe benefit is the calm I feel when I return home," Fields wrote. "No longer am I worried about the wall-to-wall disorder."No little details. No needless clutter. No anxiety. That's the life of a minimalist homeowner. Following some simple guidelines, you can see the miracles of living with less, too.The minimalist life Start with your color palette. Minimalism calls for very few combinations of color, so pick a shade or two you like and try your best to follow that color scheme throughout the space you're decorating. House Beautiful magazine recommended sticking to the basics. Whites, blacks and natural metals are all you need in a minimalist space, but if you like a little more color, try incorporating something on the lighter side. Save the vibrant colors for a few select pieces of artwork or fixtures you want to really stick out.Nothing should look too busy. Walls should be relatively vacant save for one or two things. Making your outlet covers and switch plates match the color scheme is critical. For sleek and stylishly simple designs, look through a collection of colored glass switch plates or try a mirrored finish if you're leaning toward a more modern feel.Committing to minimalism means putting aside things you don't need. Clear your space of everything you don't use daily. Minimalism incorporates empty space so that the focus shifts from your materials back to you. With less to worry about, you can focus on only the important things and people.

3 ways to bring color to your kitchen

Stainless-steel appliances may have been all the rage years ago, but colorful, vintage-style kitchens are making a comeback. Don't miss out on the fun that this trend offers. Get started on a kitchen redesign!The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms in a home. It's where everybody gathers to cook and, perhaps, eat. It's a space that household residents and visitors often see, so it's not the place where you should let your design skills slack off.Opt for color Monochromatic kitchens used to be popular because they allowed homeowners to show off their stainless-steel appliances. You can still proudly display these fixtures while adding pops of color. In fact, with the right layout, you can draw attention to specific items in your kitchen. Chances are, you completed your kitchen setup a long time ago, but now's the perfect time to change it up and impress everyone with your interior design know-how. Select a color palette with two or more colors to give yourself some variety.Here are three areas of the kitchen where you can quickly and effectively display some color.Wall switch plate: If you still have the switch plates and outlet covers that originally came with the home, you're missing out on a great opportunity to bring color into the room. Collections such as "Colored Glass" or "Colors in Motion" will pair best with white or similarly light walls. However, if your walls are already brightly painted, opt for more neutral outlet covers such as textured brass or hardwoods. Window curtains: Many people wish they had natural lighting in the kitchen, so if you're lucky enough to have windows in this space, take full advantage of them. Whether you have neutral-colored shades or are lacking them, this is a great place to feature color. Find some that complement your palette and opt for lighter fabrics that'll allow you and other residents to enjoy a fresh breeze.Get small, colorful appliances: If you're not ready to invest in a new stove or fridge, you can still feature colorful appliances. Go for smaller ones such as the toaster or coffee maker. It's a quick way to bring color onto your counter. Alternatively, you can simply purchase a large fruit bowl or new cooking utensils in the appropriate colors.

Brighten up a room with a glass bottle lamp

Lighting is a key element of any room's design, but it's not all about the type of lighting or the bulbs you use - the lamps are important features too. There are dozens of designs, styles and types of lamps that range from bulky and decorative to sleek and sophisticated, and it's often hard picking the best one for a room.One of the styles gaining popularity in do-it-yourself and interior decorating is the glass bottle lamp, perfect for end tables, changing themes and saving money. The glass bottle lamp is exactly how it sounds. It's a bulb socket fashioned to the spout of an empty see-through bottle. Check out The Inspired Room for an easy blog post about how to make these crafty little fixtures. Unmatched versatility The brilliance of the glass bottle lamp is how versatile the glass container makes it. The glass bottle lamp can fit into any theme in any room by changing what's inside the glass container. Over the holidays, fill it with ornaments or a little branch of pine. Try dried leaves in the fall, or put wildflowers or ferns in during the spring. The options are limitless, and decorating is a cinch as long as you buy a bottle with a wide enough spout. The best part is that it gives you an outlet for some creative genius on a regular basis. The glass bottle lamp can fit anywhere with a little creativity. For a real expert touch, make the light's switch plate match the interior of the bottle. Fill a bottle with seashells and use a switch plate with a beach theme. The attention to detail is sure to wow your guests.Decorating on a dime The glass bottle lamp is a perfect mixture of cost efficiency and sophistication. The total cost is as cheap as the materials you get at the hardware store, and the quality is matched by how much time and effort you put into the project. Plus, changing bottle themes is terrifically inexpensive compared to buying a whole new set of lamps to match a room. Classy, reusable, creative and a design that you can afford for pennies on the dollar, glass bottle lamps cover all your bases. And, if your creativity is ever stifled, try looking through It's a whole website dedicated to the usefulness and charm of the bottle lamp.

From catch-all to creativity: The art of coffee table decorating

Sometimes it seems like there are two types of coffee tables - the first ready for a photo shoot and the second an exercise in controlled clutter. With a bit of imagination, you can design a table all your own.The reason why the photo shoot variety isn't on the list of suggestions is because it tends to look as though it dwells independently in a space where no one actually lives, while the cluttered tabletop looks as if far too many people, none with much decorating sense, live there. The middle ground is a wonderful place to be.Less is more - space, that is Don't give in to the common tendency to cover every square inch, or even every quadrant, of your coffee table. You can adorn it with fresh flowers and lush plants, but leave room for the coffee.At the same time, Real Simple magazine recommended remembering why it's located in the living room, that treasured spot where real living takes place and where you establish the tone for your personal decorating style. If bright and airy is your aim, try an open-weave coffee table topped with a single, show-stopping sculpture. If a reading corner is your oasis of choice, skip the table and opt for an ottoman - ever so lovely for setting magazines and resting tired feet.Book in advance Country Living magazine quoted designer Gena Sigala about how to turn a coffee table from frumpy to focused, and she suggested using objects that mirror the shape of the table. A rectangular table, for example, is enhanced with a rectangular tray - always a good choice - and, of course, be sure to display your most elegant coffee table books, ideally about a person, place or thing that intrigues you."A piece that mimics the shape of your table helps organize items neatly and acts as a pretty layering element," she explained.That perfectly shaped piece can also be highly functional, such as a lidded box that becomes the new home for small essentials and ends the frantic cries of "Where's the remote?"The piece de resistance: personality Here's where you can get truly creative, like every talented designer. Think outside the box and around the coffee table by adding clever touches like switch plates and outlet covers or complementary window treatments that extend the coffee table theme to the entire living space. Then simply add what you like."Set out things that will spark curiosity and conversation, like a collection of glass bottles," advised Sigala.

Redesign the office with a balance of work and play

Colored glassIf your office space feels a little stale or you find yourself overseeing a complete change in office decor, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. One of the most important parts of running a good office is keeping a balance between fun and professional both in the environment and in the decor. Here are a few tips to help maintain that balance.Make sure you get plenty of light Having a bright, open space can make your co-workers feel happier and more energetic. While sunlight is usually the cheeriest, you can still use other light sources to make the space brighter. If you have blinds and shades in your office, make sure that they're open whenever possible during the day to let in lots of sun. Simply installing a lamp on your desk can add a whole new layer of light to your workspace so that you'll feel energetic and ready to get to work every day.Have workers decorate their own space Keboto noted that workers are often happier when they get to change their own space. A few keepsakes on a desk can help break through the impersonal feel that workspaces can sometimes have in office settings. Make sure that your employees or co-workers are able to hang plenty of pictures of family, artwork and other personal memorabilia.It's also a good idea to include everyone in the office in the decision-making process when it comes to redecorating. If you're thinking of bringing in new plants or installing a new set of colored glass switch plates to brighten up the office, try putting it out to a vote for those who are interested. Having everyone come together and make a decision may even help bring about more harmony in the workplace.Make sure it's still professional While you'll want your office to feel fun and fresh for everyone working there, remember that it's got to make a good impression when potential clients or other important people stop by for a visit, according to All Business magazine. Try making sure that everything has a clean color scheme - think earth tones or other likable colors. A few earth tone switch plates will bring out color from the walls while still feeling respectable and professional to those who may be visiting. 

Take inspiration from the best when redesigning your hotel

Hotel switch plateWhile there are many aspects of your guests' hotel stay that they'll be talking about, one of the most important is the decor. Having good decor in your hotel can provide the wow-factor that will get the word of mouth going for your hotel. Here are a few ideas that some of the most famous and well-known hotels in the world have done to keep their guests coming back.Try using glass everything Many people may not want to live in a glass house, but staying in a glass room can be a magical experience, noted Conde Nast Traveler magazine. The amazing exposure to the outdoors, the night sky and everything else that's going on in the hotel can be enough to make patrons keep coming back and recommending their friends. The Les Cols Pavellones hotel in Spain is world-renowned for using this technique in its decor, making it one of the most popular destinations for travelers worldwide.Not every hotel can have glass floors, but using lots of glass can still make for an incredible space. Consider using plenty of colored glass in your rooms - this will add both light and color to each space, so your guests will feel energized and ready for the day. With everything from tainted mirrors to switch plates available in so many variants of colored glass, it shouldn't be a problem to create a welcoming space with this material. Try using many different colors for a rainbow feel, or even use different switch plates and mirrors in each room for your guests to choose from.Give your guests a homey experience One thing that many guests are now looking for is a stay that has a homier experience. Take a look at the Sheraton Steamboat Resort and Villas, located in Colorado. The hotel will undergo a multi-million dollar renovation that will create more than 50 new luxury suites by this ski season, noted However, these rooms aren't like your typical hotel in many respects.More like rentable condos, these rooms offer full or miniature kitchens, bike racks and laundry facilities. For many guests, including these services is a must, as they may want to do their own cooking and some of the cleaning. But while these hotels feature these certain DIY flavors, they still have all the amenities of a hotel at the guests' discretion. For instance, guests can still receive delicious meals delivered to their doors and full maid service if they wish.


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